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92...oh my goodness! Did she put them back or are they living on your porch?!!
I loved the rain yesterday! Wish we had more days like that! I get so worried of our forest fires.

Sue Tonga

Gorgeous photos Karen. My daughter Lily would do the same thing. x


Steak and escargot! I've heard they are so good with garlic butter.

Jennifer S

Cuteness overload here! Now will all 92 get to be BFFs with Rat Finky? ;) Adorable and beautifully done of course!

Kristal Jones

In love with this post. :)


Those snails are HUGE, I've never seen them so big. Great shots of these simple moments, love that!


Oh my goodness, so much sweetness. Love everything about this post...and that fourth image couldn't be any cuter.


I don't like snails so one year my daughter made snail earrings for Mother's Day...using live snails.

Maria Glazener

She would fit right in at our house! We are such the animal rescuers! No matter how big or small, every creature matters! Love the photos! The colors are so vibrant!

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