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Thanks for the update Cole! I was worried about Annie's rat... oh and your mom too, of course. ;)


Yayyyy - thanks for the post Cole! Wishing you all a wonderful summer, yard work and all :)))) xxoo Dana


Thanks a lot, Cole! I take it you don't love that rat like Annie does! I do love the way he's helping her hold the sign in your mom's last blog post. But I can't say I'd like a pet rat.
I can't believe you are almost 14! Soon you'll be driving!
I hope it's not as hot in that area as it was this time last year when we were there! Yard work is no fun but in 100 degree weather it will be so much worse!


Whew! I'm glad all is well. I hope you're helping your Mom since she's working a ton.

Happy 4th of July! Have FuN!

Robyn :)

Thanks Cole!! Sounds like you have a lot of awesome stuff coming up.


Cole-thank you for your entertaining update. It made my day! And-Happy Birthday!

Kirsten J

Thanks for the update Cole! Loved hearing from you - and look forward to maybe a before & after of the jungle :)


I love Cole updates!!


Hey Cole, Great to see you post. Now that you are home for the summer, you and the fam can help mom more, so that she actually has some "summer vacation" too. Will be looking forward to your posts...and the build up of the birthday celebration. Thanks for posting!


I was just thinking about the rat last night. Thanks for the update - I've really been enjoying MTS3 with your mom!

Nicky from Okotoks

Hi Cole - thanks for the update!!
Enjoy your summer

kelly p

Thanks for the update Cole!! Always fun to have a different point of view!!

Rachel Millington

Thanks for the update Cole! Did you take the photo, it's fab :)

Melissa in Texas

Cole - Thanks for the update! And glad to hear your Mom is alive and kicking - was beinging to wonder. You always do an awesome job bloggin! On the same page as you regarding Ratfink. ;p Have a fun 4th!


Thanks for the update, Cole! Did you take that photo of your mom? Great composition and focus!


Thanks for the update Cole! Have an awesome summer!


Love the photo!!! Enjoy your summer!!


I looooove Cole posts -- thanks for the update!!

Maria Glazener

Thanks Cole for the update. Your mom is a crazy working machine and it is good to know that she has resurfaced after this crazy MTS Focus forum! I hope things are going well for all of you. My almost 13 year old daughter immersed herself in all things Percy Jackson right after I got back from the workshop in September, so I think of you often when she mentions his books. Keep Reading and writing! You have a natural talent for it!

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