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I think you are very responsible! You drove 3 hours, you actually cared about where Shindand went! Most people don't.
I just saw a photo shoot with a girl and her guinea pig and thought of Annie and Deedle Dumbo.

Stacey from Texas Panhandle


You continue to amaze and inspire me! And frankly I can't really believe that you worry about what "we think". We have all made choices that didn't work out quite as well as we hoped!!! You did a great job handling the situation with Shindand. You were more responsible than MOST folks! I applaud your honesty ONCE again! Don't sweat it! Your a GREAT MOM and we love you!


Oh Karen, I can so relate to this! We got our first cat from the shelter in December and she's been amazing, perfect since day 1. Then we decided to get another cat, which was really fond of me and I was fond of her...but she had some issues. My hubby put up with the issues for awhile and then one day he said it was enough and we both knew we needed to do something with cat #2. So after lots of talking and lots of crying on my part I drove the cat back to the shelter and they were really good about it. But I felt like I had totally failed that cat! I stayed away from the shelter website for awhile, not wanting to see her face. A few weeks ago I heard a radio ad that the shelter was having a cat sale that weekend to make room for upcoming kittens. I finally looked at the site and saw her there. Then over that weekend I looked again and she was gone, had gone with a new family and the shelter happily announced that many cats went to new homes that weekend! It was all for the better but it didn't make it any easier on my heart strings! And cat #1 is still amazing and we love her so much!
Congrats to Annie and DDD!


My son got his first rat from the litter the mama rat at preschool had. After many years, that rat died and we got another one. It was a cool pet for him but it did give me the heebie jeebies. Especially that tail. I hope Annie likes her Deedle Dumbo as much as my son like his rats.


You are one great mom! Firstly, you did take care of Shindad-surely, you'd never say that a woman who carefully selected a home and placed a baby for adoption because her life didn't permit her to raise the child as she knew she wanted it raised, was a bad mother?! Recognizing Annie's need for a lovable pet and finally bringing home a RAT make you an A-1 mom in my book!


Such wonderful family! I love you all... even the rat :)))

Denise M

So sweet!! And for a rat Deedle Dumbo Downs is adorable. :) A couple years ago we adopted two ferrets for our girls to love and care for only to find out 2 days later I was extremely allergic to them (and all rodents) and ended up in the hospital in respiratory failure. I swear it broke my heart more to have to send those smelly little critters back to PetCo and see their sad faces give up their beloved creatures because I too felt I failed them. Momma and her stupid allergies ruining a "dream come true" once again. Since then they have raised tadpoles, praying mantis (beyond creepy) and butterflies. At the end of the day we just have to do what's best for all involved. You did good and are a great mama! :)

Nicky from Okotoks

You are a great mom and you did a very good thing with Shindand. He will end up in a great home and be well matched and loved. That is a responsible pet owner in so many ways.
Love the rat - pretty cute!!!
Miss you


I also had to give a dog away when I couldn't care for her. One of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. And, I had a friend who had a rat that she loved more than I have ever seen anyone love an animal. I think you did the right thing on all accounts!

Michelle A.

The things we do for our kids.....

Nancy Wyatt

You are such an awesome mom. And I am not even a RAT girl. eeek. but you, you are awesome! Hugs from Conroe, TX


Best pets ever for kids. Truly. you did good. I wish more people knew how great they are for kids. Both of my boys had rats...those rate lived on their shoulders. Rode on them all day. everyday.


I honestly have been wondering when we were ever going to hear about Shindand, but didn't want to ask because I figured it must be a sensitive topic. I know how hard it is to have to change course with a pet, but it sounds like you made a BRAVE, thoughtful, and tough decision that was best for everyone. And now, so glad to hear you're all happy with a new pet. I'm not much of a rat (or any small rodents, for that matter) person, but really that last shot pretty much captures it all. Annie looks pretty pleased ;)

Yvonne C

I completely understand. We had to do the same thing with a yellow lab puppy. I have felt extreme guilt about it....even though we gave him to a loving family who was beyond thrilled to have him. I think it is 'mom guilt'. :) Good luck with the rat! You are braver than I am. I get freaked out just thinking about holding a rodent! :)

Carol Shrader

So beautiful! And just have to encourage you that my eight-year-old (who owns the same owl shirt) went about six months twisting her earrings all the time. And I mean, all. the. time. It seems to have passed -- so be encouraged! :)

teresa b

You are more brave then I...I could never get past the tail Brittani always wanted one!!


Oh Karen this made my heart sing and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing xx


Whoops that comment was meant to go on the Keyton post - I'll head over there!


What a sweet story! So sorry she has suffered allergies so long. Looking forward to more pics and stories about her future plans!

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