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Libby Morris

omg Go Courtney!
Cole you are a star!
Annie you are so grown up and full of life!
and Mumma... I have cried reading your focus 'tome' I bought, I printed and it sits beside my bed for study.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for alllll your hard and laborious work. I am grateful x


Awe...amazing secret to keep~ :) The kids are growing so much and it's so awesome Josh Downs is Coach!! Ms. Annie's hair looks awesome! Yes..this crazy life..never know where it's gonna take you.

Sherry Connell

How sweet and what a GREAT surprise!


What a wonderful post. I love love each of these photos. What a great surprise. You can tell how much fun they were having...that twinkle was certainly in their eyes.


what an awesome surprise & GOOD FOR HER!!!!! great photos as always.

Audrey V

My boys feel the same way about track shorts, they think they are too short, and wait until the last minute to take off their longer shorts from home. Too funny. Track meets are my favorite event to photograph, and thanks to your class, I have become pretty good at it! And my boys run the 800 too!


Aw, this just warms my heart. I have a special place in my heart for girl throwers...(my daughter does shot & javelin) of luck to her :)


Haha...I had a feeling when I saw the running pics that you were asked not to photograph the shorts (or, at least not blog them). Then I read that and had to chuckle. Love the surprise - too cute!


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