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cindy b

((HUG)) to you Karen. Letting go and letting God is something I struggle with daily... I am trying so hard to open up my heart and soul and letting Him speak to me in the quiet, mysterious ways that only HE does (such as your conversation) with the almost stranger. :) I really believe He doesn't want to see His children suffer and does give us resources (angels in disguise) to help us on our is our responsibility to be quiet and listen. Again, something I struggle with daily. Another (HUG) to you and I"ll be praying for you!!


Good post Karen, hugs to you!:)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I hope everything is soon better! And happy you found comfort when you needed it. xoxo

Erica D.

This is so profoundly brave. Thank you for sharing your "stuff" and the true words of your friend.


I am so worried about something that may or may not happen I am lying in bed because I have made myself physically ill. I am so happy I came upon your post as I sit totally obsessing about something I cannot (in any way) control. THANK YOU for making me stop and think. Now, off to look up that verse..... :)

amanda june

beautiful, Karen. love how bold and honest you are in sharing (yet private when the situation calls for it). you are one classy lady and i love the way you are being salt and light in the world :)

Amy N.

Prayers, love and hugs to you, my friend! Thank you for a wonderful post. God has this all under control. Trust in Him, always. <3 Miss you!


Karen. My deepest most profound thank you...because as God used your acquaintance as your comforter, so He has used you as mine. I've had a crappy night. God is teaching me to come to Him alone with my complaints and concerns and laying them at His feet Tonight one of my really difficult relationships had my flesh screaming. And because I am trying so hard to follow his lead, I decided not to call someone to fuss and complain but instead I journaled and then I opened my computer to check your blog....God showed up for me in your honest sincere words and I feel understood, encouraged and comforted. Thank you for allowing HIm to speak through you. You are a blessing. I will keep you in my heart and prayers tonight.


I have read every blog you have posted..enjoyed your family...your journey...your photos...but today...WOW your blog just totally blew me away! Thank you for sharing!
And thanks for the reminder......"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Nicole Prather :)

The truth shall set you free.
Th devil wants us to think we are alone in our life but Jesus he will never leave us or betray us even in darkest of times.
Your a brave.
And raw.
The Lord makes us soft hearted.

Diane W.

[[[HUGS]]] to you, Karen!


This is a great song that brightens my mood when I'm down. God is GOOD and he has a plan for each of us! We just have to trust.

Heather T.

Sending you lots of love, Karen!


Be Strong and Courageous Karen...these types of posts from you always teach me much. Thank you for sharing your heart and humility.

Kelli Davis

I need to print this post and read it daily. So much Truth and so much that I can relate to. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Kelli Davis

AND I just clicked on a devotional site that I read sometimes and Joshua 1:8-9 are the verses for today.


Thank you for sharing. I really needed to read this today.


(( hugs )) fron Scotland Karen. Your honesty and faith will keep you strong even when you feel you are failing.

Beth S

Thank you.

Mary Jo Griego

I have come to learn that no matter how busy, forgetful or stubborn we can get, God doesn't forget His promise that He will never leave or forsake us. He will chase after His child until He finally brings him back.
I love your honesty and how 'real' you are. And I will be taking your class someday for sure!


Thinking of you and I will pray for you today. Thank you for sharing.


I'm just going to hug it out!


I needed this post tonight...thank you for sharing...thank you for blogging...and I caught up on Day 2-Day 3 of your trip and I too have thrown something away of my kids that tore me up inside but still I felt needed to be done. It was a lesson we both won't forget. Glad to see I am not the only one with that response.
Big Hugs to you and I hope your day is fantastic.


Thank you for being so transparent and so raw. God is so good! The devil is so sneaky and just everything God isn't. I'm so very glad you are able to see past that to all the blessings in your life! And I'm so glad that God chose you to be Josh's wife and Ross, Cole, Annie and Courtney Lee's mom. Because nobody else could do for those three guys and those two girls what you do. :)


wow! What a beautiful necklace, photo, and reminder! Thanks Karen for always sharing and being real! Such an amazing treasure of the power of God's word! Love it!


Yes. Yes. Yes. I don't know what else to say. I love you photography, but I love your sharing heart even more.


Wow! I've read your blog for years and love it. But this post My favourite blog post ever, although I'm sorry for your crap, I'm thankful for the truth you've spoken.


you have no idea, how this helped me this morning. words cannot even express. be still and know he used you to speak to me.
Joshua 1;9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”


Thank you Karen for sharing your life with us. I am sure that we all have something going on in our life that this passage can help us to find peace with. I hope that whatever stress you are dealing with currently clears up quickly.

Denise Armbruster

I'm so sorry you're going through some tough times although the things you describe are a life time of tough. Prayers that situations get better and problems get resolved. Hang in there, you're not alone!


Thanks for sharing Karen...this is why I love you and your blog so much. You are real! Believe me I have been walking a dark valley for the past 7 years...several deaths in our family and decisions adult children make are sometimes very hard to handle but I know we must trust and believe. We must carry our cross. Thanks for sharing Joshua really touched my heart today. ( catching up on emails and blogs ) Take care my friend...we are all in the messed up world together. God Is Good!


Haven't been to your blog in a while, but let me tell you that God put me here today to read this. Thank you.


Thank you for making me reach for my Bible and read that verse.......I needed to read that today as I have been putting off confronting a situation that I just need to sort out but need that boldness and courage from God to do so.


ok. I never leave comments, but you hit it home to me every time I read your blog. I like that you state your opinions, but don't "preach" them. Sorry for your "yuk"....sometimes I feel like we have kid stuff yuk and we are still married, with parents that are married and friends that are all's tough raising kids....especially when you want to raise them to know/love God. Thank you again for keeping on.

Lisa Risser

Karen: I have been a reader of your blog now for a very long time, but seldom a poster. I needed to read this post today--a day I am struggling with letting go in parenting my 18 year old. You are a beautiful writer (as well as an awesome photographer) and your children are so blessed to have you! Thank you and God Bless!

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