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Megan W

It's great to read posts like this as a young wife without kids yet. To be reminded and shown what strong, thoughtful parenting should be like. And really, even in my own daily life I could use a good dose of remembering to admit when I mess up without making excuses.


Such sweet pictures. Love Annie's little outfit - girl has more style than I do!


You are an awesome Mom. Society has taught us to feel guilty when our kids miss out of fun things. But that's how they learn. Life isn't about fun, it's about working hard so you can then go have fun after. Way to go Mon.

Lauren B

I love love that picture of Annie hugging Cole. Melts my heart!


Amen! Parenting is a tough job that we can only do the best we know how and hope for the best. With God involved you have an advantage!

val koop

You are such a good Mama. Those last two sentences made me cry.


Stay strong. Those tough parenting moments now produce MUCH fruit later. I made my daughter clean the trash can with a toothbrush when she lied. She also missed a dance because of lying. Guess what, she thanks me now bc she knows actions have consequences! Better to learn it while you are under your parents roof than a 24 year old adult who lies and loses a job or a relationship. I thank God for the mistakes my kids made when they were young - teachable moments for sure. You are doing a great job.


Once again, you are speaking right to my heart and what we are dealing with right now. Thank you so much, yet again, for finding just the right words and message to soothe my aching soul.


Way to go Karen!!!! I've got twin boys who currently are memorizing Matthew 5 and one comes to me early, before the due date, and recites the chapter with gusto and the other one I have to remind him his recitation is 'due' to me. And he struggles. And I don't give him any slack. But, I sure do like it when they come to me on their own.


I wholeheartedly agree with Carrie. She took the words out of my mouth. I too follow through with consequences and agree it is better to learn while living with Mom and Dad. While my almost 26 yr. old hated me for it years ago, she thanks me for it now. Because now she understands, she says. Oh how I wish I "knew" you way back then. It would of really helped seeing this then, as my mother incessantly butted in causing a huge rift between Laura and I. And, eventually it cost her her relationship with me and all of my kids. I haven't talked to or see her in five years. Basically, this is my theory of parenting too, which she 100% disagreed with and meddled in.


You are raising some extraordinary little people!

michelle t

You're very inspiring. Thank you for this. I needed to see maybe I'm on the right track. It's hard though, but way worth it. Thank you for sharing. Michelle t

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Oh, the follow-through is so hard!! Way to go, Karen. I love hearing about your parenting moments, and realizing I'm not the only mom out there who holds her kids to a higher standard. Even when it makes me a "meanie" or "the worst mom ever". Sigh. Praying to see the fruit in the little men that I'm raising, someday, and praying for you all, too!

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