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Yans is so cute and has great expressions!


That popcorn was so good! I still think about it!
Annie makes the cutest faces, I hope she always lets you photograph her!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

I'm craving simplicity these days, too, and have been on a major cleaning-out binge.

I remember those old photos! And Annie in those cat-eye glasses! So much fun (and so sad sometimes) seeing them grow up ;) I started reading just about the time that Annie (and my younger son, Jonny) were born, so it's been almost 8 years now!! Times flies!

Penny M

I've been purging for the last year or more. Seriously purging. I am extremely selective about what I buy now. It's got to be really useful or so beautiful that I know it would make me extremely happy every time I look at it. I love the serenity of a clean and organized home. I've been a packrat in the past - no more. All that stuff is going. No eBay - no resale - too much trouble. I give it away or take to Salvation Army. Ahhhh, what a great feeling to see everything clean, sparse, and tidy. Everything is so much easier to keep up and much more beautiful and open throughout my entire house. I'm obsessed and can't get it done fast enough.


I feel inspired to spend a good chunk of this weekend simplifying. Thanks Annie! (You are teaching me A LOT of stuff this week.) I think those chicks you picked out were the BEST thing in the store. For sure!! You have great taste.


omgosh I want that Santa!!!! and that bed!!!!!

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