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Vicki A

Oh my gosh, I am going through the EXACT same thing right now with my 8 year old daughter. Her stomach issues are going on 2 years with no answers. The Dr.s kept saying she was constipated (which she has been) and putting her on Miralax, which I don't like. So we finally went to a new pediatrician a month ago and he ran all kinds of tests (the horror of her screaming during the blood draw still haunts me, ugh) and everything came back normal. They did think her thyroid was borderline so they want to re-test in 2 months. We have gone through food allergy testing, testing for celiacs, etc, etc and in the end they said to up her dosage of Miralax. But yet she doesn't get any better. She is home again from school today and I am taking her back into the Dr. shortly. So while I don't have any answers to share with you, I soooooo feel where you are. It is so hard to see my Dr cry about how bad her tummy hurts. Even though she didn't test positive for celiacs or gluten issues, I think that needs to be my next step. I just dread it because she is such a picky eater. I will keep you guys in my prayers and hope that you find answers as well.


Interesting read...


I've had problems with my digestive system since I was a teenager that I can remember, but my mother said I complained of stomach aches a lot when I was younger. I do remember times when I said I didn't want to go to school because I was sick but I never had a fever so off to school I went. I've had every test done that they can do to your stomach and digestive system and finally was diagnosed with IBS - irritable bowel syndrome. Which basically means my intestines refuse to digest certain foods but there's no explanation as to why. I went through many years of eliminating certain foods from my diet, and for the most part I have done a lot better as long as I avoid those foods. Stress is a factor in it also. I take something to aid in moving things along but even with that I still have problems occasionally. It's been a very slow process, but since I was diagnosed 10 years ago I think I'm finally at a point where I have it figured out. You've probably already done this, but keeping a food diary is my suggestion. Recording the foods she eats and how her body reacts to them. A lot of healthy foods affect me. I cannot eat lettuce, citrus fruits, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, apples, basically anything with a thick skin or tough vegetables. No beef at all. I cannot eat most dairy but can eat aged cheddar cheese and yogurt. With IBS it really depends on the person. I was also very healthy growing up besides this. I only went to the doctors once a year for my annual check ups. I really hope she doesn't have this and has something that can be taken care of. I will keep her in my prayers.


I so feel for what you are going thru. My son has been have stomach issues since sept. He is on Miralax which I don't like either. Even on that he continues to have stomach pains. He has had other health issues in the past but those are all fixed and now this. Breaks my heart to see him crying in pain. We are going to his gastro dr in boston next month and hope he has some answers. Its frustrating because I know something is not right. Thank you so much for posting this because I know don't feel like I'm crazy. I will keep you in my prayers!!

Beth S

I went through that from when I was little until I had a hysterectomy -- all good now! My daughter goes through the same thing now and has for years (pre-period days and now). We did eliminate dairy, which seemed to help (she eats healthier than I ever did). My niece also had the same thing. She was also low weight and height. I think ours has to do with hormones. We are all Type A too (blood that is… well maybe the other as well). Hate she's going through this, but hopefully you'll find answers. Keep us posted!

Amy G in SD

DD aged 12 has had digestive issues since birth…6 endoscopies in 8 years, countless tests, GERD diagnosis, EE diagnosis (Eosinophillic Esophagitis), always constipated & abdominal pain, on reflux meds since age 4, negative on Celiac, negative on most food allergies (NOTE: allergy not the same as a sensitivity), everything comes back up after 2pm each day, as a family we eat/cook a super healthy diet, yet almost nothing works to improve her situation.... Have made progress (gotten rid of EE diagnosis) with strict 100% gluten free diet per doctors orders (even though tested non Celiac), we limit dairy and GERD trigger foods, yet still have issues that get in the way of a normal life. Miralax actually made pain worse for her, dumped that stuff quickly. Have been to specialists all over the Southwest, have also followed naturopathic advice with only mild results. I'm convinced that not all digestive issues are black & white & easily diagnosable from either side of medicine. I feel her pain and YOUR pain as you try and figure out what's at the bottom of her discomfort. I will say that when she went 100% gluten free her eczema, itching, headaches and dark circles under her eyes went away almost immediately and we saw some improvement in her abdominal pain. Limiting gluten wasn't good enough for her, it had to be completely 100%. That's been the only thing that's made a dent in our ongoing struggle. Good luck & keep us all posted :)


This is my age 11...her blood test came back positive for celiacs but not her biopsy. But the dr felt she has celiacs just her intestines weren't inflamed. She still has bouts of stomach issues but they are few and far between and I definitely have gluten intolerance and one of my sons has Epilepsy and they have found a gluten free diet helps so with 3 out of 6 of us gluten free we decided we would all be gluten free as much as possible (my husband and our oldest son still have reg. bread). It's been challenging but do-able. She has been this way since she was 3 and always in the 15-20 percentile for weight until she was 3 and then she was less than 10%...she still is that way. We've seen two different peds GI drs and her autoimmune numbers keep coming back high so they think she may have an autoimmune issue as well. I can't give you an answers or even point you in the right direction because we are still trying to figure stuff out but my thoughts are with you guys! <3


This is from my own experience...when I was in 2nd grade I went through a period where I would have stomach problems everyday at lunchtime at school and would have to go home. I don't know what initially caused my issue, but mine was due to anxiety! I had some problem with something in the afternoon and this was the way I dealt with it. Not saying that this is what is going on with Annie, but just another idea.
I also have recently done a cleansing from parasites because I was having so many weird problems with my stomach and intestinal area and nothing else helped. I did a 30 day cleans from really did make a difference for me. You can check them out at . They do have a children's formula.

Good Luck Annie & Karen! I hope you find answers soon.


My nephew had similar issues but his ended up being a Dairy intolerance. Once they eliminated dairy from his diet he grew by leaps and bounds and is putting on weight appropriate to his 11 years of age. I couldn't believe the intolerance was stunting his growth and his weight so much! He's a healthy boy now. No meds needed.


...and his stomach aches/discomfort are gone...


The last time you mentioned Annie was having stomach problems, I wanted to mention this but didn't. I thought it might help you. I don't know the name or specific brand and am trying to get in touch with the person who told me about this a few months ago - probiotics that are in the refrigerated section of health food stores. They are more potent and faster acting than other forms of probiotics.

My last boss's wife was very healthy and fit and suddenly, within a year, went from a health 130 lbs to 80 lbs and dropping quickly. They narrowed it to stomach or gastro(?) problems but could never diagnose her with anything. They tried every treatment they could under the care of several different doctors, nothing worked. They heard from a friend to use these probiotics, and from the first week they saw a huge improvement and within weeks she was super healthy and putting back on weight and was quickly back to normal, and still taking the probiotics regularly. My boss swore that nothing in her treatment changed and that this is what saved her life.

The person who told him about these was also his employee whose doctor urged her to try these probiotics. She has some food allergies but mainly struggled with unrelated stomach problems which were so bad she missed weeks of work at a time because the pain was unbearable. She said the refrigerated ones are the best, not just the ones in pill form. If I can get a hold of either of them to find out the brand I'll let you know.


If you aren't getting answers, you might have them look at Crohn's disease, ESPECIALLY if there is any kind of family history. This would, likely, involve a scope (which they may not be prepared to do at this juncture yet). Lower intestinal problems are more common, but it is possible that the upper GI can be affected as well.

My SIL has Crohn's and was diagnosed at age 10 after lengthy (a few years) worth if misdiagnoses and bad guesses, (even people telling her she was faking it). She went through a lot, especially because treatment 20 years ago was limiting, but is great now.

I know it is an autoimmune disorder, but she wasn't ever a sickly child or anything either, it was just that her stomach hurt a lot (and then she couldn't eat).

Jennifer CT

I'm so sorry you are going through this! I would suggest reading Grain Brain, talks a lot about our modern food supply and what it is doing to our bodies. I would suggest going off of wheat/gluten, dairy, soy and corn. All of those foods are inflammatory to our systems. Some people are more sensitive than others. You may think that there is not much left to eat once you do that - but that's where the creativity kicks in. Also look at the chemicals that make their way into her body, check out the water (try getting a filter), soaps, lotions, etc - try to go as natural as possible. I just found out I was sensitive to eggs, broccoli, bananas, pineapple - weird set of foods, but now I know and I'm avoiding them and my symptoms are getting better. Try meditating with her, The Honest Guys on YouTube have some good meditations. Could help her relax and heal her body. My kids have gotten into it and it helps them fall asleep. I think you did the right thing by not having her on that medication, it may help but will mask the issue and who knows what else it will do. Good luck with this. Be strong. God bless you.


Could it be stress-related? Kids feed off of our stress and workloads. Maybe see if there have been any changes in your response to stress or on your family dynamic. She's the youngest and your other two are going through hormone changes which may be causing you & your husband to be a little more on edge which could be directly affecting her emotionally? Maybe you took more time for her during the summer and when school started things got hectic? Does she have a teacher whom she is struggling with or friend issues at school? I can tell when we get stressed or my kid's teachers are stressed because it directly affects my kids behaviors and my son's complains of stomach pain when he feels stressed.


Just wanted to send you a {{hug}} and let you know you're in my prayers :)
Hope they can find some answers soon.


Hello. I left a comment earlier but wanted to let you know that if you are interested in checking out the probiotics, the brand is Ultimate Flora and they make several different kinds/strengths. Apparently people swear by them to actually get rid of irritable stomach issues. Hope yar tiny widdle baby gets all better! (I just read up on some older posts - hilarious!)


i agree with the probiotics. they are fantastic.

lots of experience here on this subject, haha. i grew up with the very same problems and when i was 11 was diagnosed with IBS- irritable bowel syndrome. seems common in girls.

both my daughters had the tummy issues from 7 to pre teen. they are gone now. one took miralax for over a year. no problems at all with it, it was gentle for her. both girls were otherwise very healthy and ate well. dr said hormones and stress, even if they dont think they are stressed can cause issues.

i hope annie is feeling better soon and i am thinking of you too, mama. it's hard to see our babies going through pain


Oh no, poor baby girl. I can empathize because I have had some of the same darn issues. I am healthy and have had every test under the sun done, until a few years ago when I decided enough is enough and I ran across a guy who helped me considerably. He is a nutritionist and believes in healing from the inside out. I can go on and on about what I have learned, but the single most thing that helped me and helped me almost immediately that I remember was consuming something in the morning that needed minimal digestion. I either do a smoothie (with NO dairy) or a homemade juice in the mornings. It seemed so crazy, but it worked (and still works today). Also, another easy change and one I didn't know about was that of trees/perennial plants. These foods are not only the easiest to digest and assimilate but they have the correct size and form of minerals (plant calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc is different and better! than rock calcium). So it is best to include an increasing percentage of whole, minimally processed tree foods/perennial plants in your diet.

I sure hope she starts feeling better, if there is anything else you could possibly want to know - please reach out to me. I never knew "gut" health was a thing and could cause so many issues.


First of all - I love your blog and how honest you are about your life, your struggles and your joys!! I always look forward to reading what you all are up to and feel I can relate to so many of your adventures.

I'm sorry you and Annie are going throug this though:( It is so sad and frustrating to not know what is going on and have to go from one doc to another, to hear a bunch of possibilities but no results. Keep on it though - there is an answer and you will find it!!

My husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 6 years ago and after both of my kiddos started complaining of stomach aches, I grew suspicious. My son started throwing up quite a bit too and had issues with the "other end". I took them both in and had them do the celiac-panel blood draw. My son was diagnosed as "gluten-sensitive" so he's now on a GF diet too. He hasn't complained about his belly hurting and he hasn't thrown up -- we're hoping this is it but it's too early to tell.

Did you get the results for Annie's celiac panel? Not gaining weight is one of the symptoms so you were right to go in that direction. Celiac Disease is mpst often diagnosed as IBS but once the blood test comes back positive, you can change the diet to see if you have results. The only definite way to know for sure is through a scope down the throat to see if the villae in her intenstines are damaged. We have opted to wait on that for now with our son and are just being diligent about the GF foods he consumes.

Please feel free to email me if you'd like to chat more. Keep on looking -- good luck!!


This sounds just like my six year old. We are floundering through all the information out there. Just trying to get some sort of an answer. Thank you for putting this out there for some guidance! I will be so interested to see people's thoughts! Praying for some answers for her!!!


I know someone with similar symptoms who had a parasite. Just wanted to throw that out there....for what it's worth. Prayers going out to you. :)


On a much lighter note, I have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw the pictures of Annie blowing. There is nothing cuter than a little kid going a little cross-eyed while blowing into something. One day, when this all gets sorted out (and it will) you'll look back on this as just a tiny bump along the way. Hopefully that day is soon.


My 16 year old son had stomach issues for the last 5 years. We know he is lactose intolerant but knew there was also something else. We had him tested for all the things mentioned above. (Drs tested for Celiacs, performed upper GI, looked for ulcers, food allergies and tried tying it to stress of being a teen and everything came back negative. They had no answers.) Then we as parents told him to try going without gluten to see how he felt. Immediate results. He's now on 100% gluten free diet and he feels 100 times better.

Fee K.

This is so crazy! Because my 11 year old has been having stomach issues that has ramped up recently to diarrhea and vomiting, stomach cramps and just issues. She's not on the small percentile for growth but it's been an issue. We decided to go dairy free for a few week and went to her pediatrician who tested also for celiac and allergies. It came back she was a level 2 for egg and dairy (which we had gone lactose free milk thinking because she's asian it was LI not a milk allergy). I did hear from a lot of people who have had issues and finally turned to juicing to allow their system time to heal and then have been able to eat more stuff. Not milk or cheeses, etc but at least regularish foods. I'm taking my daughter to my doctor friday because she's a doc of osteopathy and I want to know about all sorts of ideas. They are going to test for H. pylori and metabolic issues. I'll be keeping my eye on your blog to see if you have figured things out. I originally thought it was just stress issues with my daughter but it's been ramping up lately. And milk and eggs are in everything. I know if you have environmental allergies and maybe animal allergies that it can ramp up a smaller allergy that normally wouldn't affect you. But i don't know much more.

Nancy May

Boy does this sound familiar and like food sensitivity! The test from the Naturopath should help in identifying the culprits.Normally gluten and dairy. The tricky part is finding where they hide... there has to be NO gluten in the diet! Fortunately there are many options these days. We deal with Gluten, dairy, egg, and red dye sensitivity...


I can relate to Annie! I think I'm on the mend after seeing a naturopath. I still have the odd rash, and after eating too much dairy yesterday, I realize I really should stop having dairy. Have you tried lactose free milk? Emily can drink it but I can't. It's been a huge thing for her because she loves milk.
I hope you find the reason for her stomach problems.


I hesitated to answer but just can't do that anymore.. I have IBS and some other stomach issues.. as do other members of my family. We have had amazing success with Young Living Essential Oils.. I would be more than happy to share more if you are interested to say they have changed my families lives would be an understatement.. it's been amazing and so God given right now. I hope you can find what you are looking for.. poor girl and mama.

Juli Pelletier

As I read this post, I feel like I could have written the majority of it.... Last spring, my then 6 year old son went through some terrible stomach issues. He was vomitting inexplicably on a daily basis for several months, except he'd throw up undigested food from 3-4 days prior. It was awful. Our first visit to the ER ended up with a referral to the pediatric gastro. She ran what seemed like 100 different tests, studied his food and elimination diary and there was not a single explanation to what was happening to him.
After the second visit to the ER determined that he was completely constipated, he went on Miralax and is on it periodically.
But the biggest change in his daily routine has been the addition of the probiotics in his daily regimen. Life changing. He has had very little issues with digestion and gaining weight since taking a daily probiotic. Good luck to you and that sweet girl!

Audrey V

Good luck, this is such a difficult area. When my son was 8, we took him to a pediatric GI doc because he always had belly aches, loose stools/diahrea, on and off brain fog, and was grouchy since we was introduced to food as a baby. He had the upper endoscopy and the doc said he didn't have celiac but had heartburn and wanted him on something like prylosec? for life. I said no thanks. We took him off of dairy and gluten (it has to be 100%), and the results were great! I follow the paleo diet for myself and I totally avoid gluten and dairy, and it makes a huge difference for myself. I also avoid grains almost all the time. The difficult thing is that testing is so inconclusive, an elimination diet is best. There are lots of good paleo books that explain this better. The problem with eating gluten-free is that many of the gluten-free breads and treats have other junk in them. That's why so many people end up with the paleo diet, healthy meats and healthy fats, vegetables and fruit. Again, good luck, it's not an easy journey because doctors don't have the full picture, but it's worth your effort.

Lisa Edney

Praying for Annie! Pray a clear solution comes to the doctors and you! I hope it's something as 'simple' as a food sensitivity.


I am going thru something similar with my 11 yr old daughter. Her bellyaches were becoming more frequent as were her nightmares (does Annie have nightmares?) Finally brought her to my holisitc chiro in Portland, OR and had her tested and she is gluten intolerant. Should be off dairy also. We are trying to be 100% with the gluten and then plan to work to 100% on the dairy. I too am very gluten intolerant (autoimmune of thyroid) and sensitive to corn, oats, dairy, soy and sugar of course. All of my symptoms have always been mental (mental fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression) with physical fatigue also. I never did have the stomach issues. It affects everyone so differently:( I hope and pray Annie gets help soon! My dr is aMAZING!! Email me if you would like her name. I am a totally different person after going to her for the 1st time 7 yrs ago. She has a gift from God for sure. She would def not be close for you - but her knowledge is worth the drive!! and she can do a lot over the phone when you can't make it to the office. I live 45-50 min from her too and make the drive at least once a month. I couldn't live without her;) I was also introduced to doTERRA essential oils last year and am in LOVE with them:) Their digestzen softgels and the oil itself have been amazing for our entire family from stomach upsets for any reason to my husbands heartburn. They are 100% natural, better than organic and totally safe for internal use. The digestzen has even been shown to do repair on the guts. If you want anymore info on those too email me. Here's hoping you find a solution soon! My 9 yr old daughter has also had to go gf for constant pain in her neck/back etc. I believe it's all inflammation:( SO bleak when foods that are SUPPOSED to be good for us just aren't anymore:( My husb just read Wheat Belly too and was amazed at all he learned. (He's always be more of the skeptic when it comes to the whole gluten/wheat intolerances. It def changed his views!) Good luck Karen!

Valerie Sonneveldt

I know a handful of people who are frustose-intolerant (one didn't even make it to the first blow test without throwing up and got to leave, and the second who threw up soon after the first test and got to leave as it was so clear cut). If it is that, cutting all fructose out of the diet is difficult in the beginning, but once its out of your system (a few days), you feel so much better! The first person (the one who didn't even make it to the first test) is now a number of years post and she's been able to gradually add some back into her eating and knows exactly how much she can have in a certain period of time and still be ok.

Dana F.

I deal with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) so I always suggest it as a possibility. It's fairly common yet very much under diagnosed.
It's tested for with a lactulose breath test, treated with special antibiotics (Xifaxan.) I control recurrences with a special diet. (GAPS, which is much like Paleo.)

Good luck and I hope Annie feels better soon!!


I am hoping you are still coming back to read posts as there is a lot of good information here. My daughter started to have trouble when she was 2. We tested her for everything 2x before being referred to a pediatric GI doctor. By that time she was spending 90% of her waking hours on the toilet. She was not allergic to any foods. She had a meckels scan done and it was negative. He finally scoped her and she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. We also did genetic marker testing to confirm it. She has other immune issues too alone with joint pain. It is heart breaking to watch your children hurt...period. It is also hard on the siblings and a marriage. Stay strong every day.

My daughter is 14 now. It has been a long road for her. We are at the hospital for treatment many times a year but it has allowed her to keep intact. Find a good pediatric GI doctor. There are so many things that go on in our body and new advances in technology to find out about what is going on.

If you have any questions please email me.
God Bless,


Very interesting and informative blog post..

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