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I hear ya on this one! So true for many moms! And I love Yans green sweater!

Julie Pilch

Oh Karen how our mornings are the same but in different countries!! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has endless rainbow loom bands all around their house. Motherhood is one tough job but the rewards are amazing too. Big hugs xxxx


Love that group shot! What a bunch of awesome kids to try to cheer you up!

Jennifer S

love you Karen!! But that IS my approach to mornings... but with a real coffee.. and then drag myself to work or errands, day in day out and i do not always get noticed by my darlings at all. And as I typed that, i smelled the burning frozen meatballs (AGAIN - hope i did not ruin another POT) - which is all I could muster up for dinner. I may cut some veggies. Maybe. Hang in there too! : )


So happy to have you back! It makes my day!


Sleep tight...and good morning hugs to you! "This too shall pass"...and when you look will be gone all too quickly. Trust me on this. You are doing an awesome job...because you are real, honest, and LOVING!!

Kirsten J

Oh dear, I know the feeling. And how tired you, Miss Dental Hygenist, must have been, to let a 10 second tooth brushing slip by!


so glad you are back! even if you are tired.....oh, are human? great post!


Awww - so good to have you back!! Those are some pretty great/rotten kids you've got. ;)


What a sweet post! Glad to be reading fresh posts from you!

Maria Glazener

It is good to be known... Right now.. I am not really feeling that! I too have a 12 year old and she seems to be in her own little middle school world and a husband who is battling an injury and trying to prepare for the Boston Marathon...

But I am getting ready for a little retreat with some great girls I met at your Hometown Workshop.. so that is making me feel a little better!

Michele aka Derbylea

I've been reading your blog for a long time. I don't want to be a photographer- although I love your beautiful pictures. Camera speak is a foreign language I have little desire to learn- but I keep coming back here because you are so real. Thank you for sharing those real moments. Sometimes you bring me to tears. It helps to know I am not alone out here in this mothering thing, in this messy life. Thanks for being authentic. You touch lives of people you don't even know. Smooches.

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