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Julie Pilch

Such gorgeous photos Karen and why not take your time with your family to take lovely pictures and enjoy what looks like a beautiful evening together! In the half term holidays I took my girls (who had reduced me to tears in the morning)to a seaside town called Felixstowe which is 20 minutes by car. As it was a nice day and I wanted the girls to have a fun day out we took a bus and train they've never been on to get there, it took 2 and a half HOURS! However, its times like that you make memories :) I'm sure your lovely lot have lovely memories of a great night out with you and Josh xxxxx


I am glad you are blogging again (but understand the need for breaks and life getting in the way). Such fab photos as always. I really enjoy them. Might I add, I am a bit envious of your weather.. we got a few more inches of snow last night. :( Why oh why do we stay in the upper midwest?? LOL

Sarah James

Hey Karen!!! Les Schwab has tires for bikes that have no tubes in them...which means you can't pop them!! They're fabulous for big bike riders like yourselves. Just a heads up! Love seeing your cuties out in the sunshine!!


Kerry was sure you road to Ashland to have dinner. I agreed!
Great photos! The lighting was lovely.


Phew, about Josh and the helmet. I figured any man who made his kids wear helmets to go down a slide was not going to risk his own noggin'! Such beautiful pictures, love the flare. I also love the memories you are creating with your family.


Great shots, especially the sun flare ones...especially loved the one where it looks like Courtney Lee has a little "sun bubble" in front of her mouth...and speaking of mouths...I laughed out loud at those teeth.....time for the orthodontist. :) :)
Fun times together....and after the pizza...everyone looks especially "satisfied"!


Thank you for posting your strap info. I have always struggled with keeping it close and not swinging everyhere versus having enough strap to actually take a picture.


What a fun family outing! I can't wait until our wee one is big enough to go on bike rides like this. We are barely learning to ride a bike. Great photos as always :)


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