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tara pollard pakosta

wow! amazing job!
kudos to BOTH OF YOU!
I would love to improve my photos as well I need to shoot more!


Great work Juliana! Your photos are so beautiful.


Amazing job! I knew you were an amazing teacher! :) Enjoy your spring break!

Phyllis B.

Great job on the photos, Juliana!! And Karen, when you figure out how to take a decent picture on an iphone, please share!


Thanks everyone. And yes, she IS an amazing teacher!!!!!


I saw a similar and AMAZING improvement over the last year, when I was in the same class as Julianna. What a beautiful opportunity you offer us, Karen. I can't quite find the time this spring, but hopefully the next time I'll be back to audit. (Remember "conscious incompetence?" That was me!)

Love your sweet spirit and willingness to share your skill. Hope you have a great day!

Maria Glazener

I still struggle with capturing the photos I want, but wow! What an amazing transformation! Great photos! You inspire and bring out the best photographer in all of us! And she is right, THANK YOU can not begin to express how we all feel about Karen!


Wow!!! Amazing photos by a great student from a great teacher!


You have been a huge inspiration in my photography journey!
Have a great, fun spring break!


You have an Instagram, Nellie??? Proud of you!!! Going to check it out!!!

Rachelle S

The photos are beautiful! What a great journey : )

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