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Christine P

YAYAYAYAY! I've been TOTALLY blog stalking and anxiously waiting for your return...YAYAYAY! Can't wait to "see" you on the 31st! :-)

Jess Z.

Does it really take you 2.5 hours to bike to dinner???


Have missed you!!! Glad you're back!! ♥

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Hooray!! I'm glad you're back, too! I've missed you!


Glad you're back!


So nice to see your post. And, so nice to see that you are having beautiful weather.
Loved each and every shot.
Happy Spring.


So glad you are back! I am jealous of your weather! We still have about 2 ft of snow on the ground.

Rebya Falk

Missed you and yours!


Beautiful pictures! Hope you are refreshed and relaxed! Hate to be a busy body, but where is Josh Downs' helmet???


Glad you are back. Been thinking about you. I am super envious of your weather too. We also still have snow and it was even snowing today.

Kirsten J

We missed you, too!

Julie Pilch

Missed you too Karen, been checking back all the time and so glad you are back!


Welcome back!

Juli P

Beautiful! I would love to take photos while biking, but haven't found the right strap to do that....what do you use? I'm thinking i need to bite the bullet and get a black rapid....

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Missed you too! Great photos of the kiddos!


Missed you too!!!


5 hours? Yikes!
Glad to see you back and on Instagram! Whooo hoooo!

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