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Nicole Prather :)

Always love your shots !
What lens is your primary ? 35L ?
I have a L lens but it's a zoom and doesn't like the low light !
Frustrating ! :) xoxoxo


That's one of my favorite shades of blue! Also, I'm a horrible gifter, so I hate the pressure too! So my husband and I have a V-day tradition: every year, we buy each other a coffee mug (and sometimes we put some candy in them) and order a pizza. It works really well for us since we love coffee and tea so much!

Jennifer S

Courtney gets more breathtaking all the time! I NEED to shoot in Target. We love Target! I wish my Target had WINE! (not in PA!!!) I cant imagine you ever lose your mojo, not really! Im stuck drowning in a pile of photos to edit...that kills my mojo!

Cathy K

Glad to see you are getting your mojo back! I head to the local horticultural center to help with those mid-winter blues! And just curious, what did Coley think of that first card you posted him holding?? It was a pretty funny card!

Maria Glazener

I need to get my mojo back! Ugh, this weather is not good for my photo ego!

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