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Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Hang in there kiddo - you're getting somewhere. I think kids just go through phases like this. Mine have been in it now too. I tried reasoning, yelling, guilt, you name it. They just have to work through it.


Great post! Thanks for being an honest parent! This totally reminds me of my childhood! My step-brother and I are 3 months apart and all your fighting stories brought back memories! And we had a sister 4 yrs older, you might remember her & I took one of your classes in GPass! Anyway, 2 close in age and 3 total means always having an odd man out which caused all kinds of problems! I think you and Joss are doing great rasing those kiddos!


We have been very lucky to have the kids never fight. I don't know if it's the 6.5 year difference, the fact that Shaun has always been sensitive to other's, or what the heck we did, but there was only one time I can remember where a toddler Emily hit Shaun. And it ended there. He didn't do anything back. So I can say if they were fighting I'd probably run away, and not run back up that hill!
My friend's son made me a rainbow loom bracelet that I have worn ever single day since getting it.


But they always look so SWEET!

My favorite photo is the closeup of Courtney looking over the side of the pool.


Mine drive me crazy too!!! Glad I'm not alone!!! :)

Julie Pilch

Oh Karen I know exactly how you feel!!! There are days when the children are like Angels and there are the other days! I sometimes look back at the sweet photos of my girls and remember that five minutes after or before the picture was taken there had been huge arguments :( It definitely is one foot in front of another, one day at a time. Every day is a new start :)


Hi Karen. I am a loyal reader, but I rarely comment. Not sure if I ever have actually. My three girls are grown now, 26, 23 and 20. I remember those day well when we would have bickering and someone was getting in trouble. My two oldest are now roommates and great friends. My oldest bought a house and the middle daughter happened to get her first teaching job(2nd grade!!) a few miles from siste's house. So they are roomies! It does get better. It is hard! I am so happy that you recognise the need for a run, a time out of sorts for your self! It sure helps clear the head. I am sure Josh had a little something to do with the lack of fighting most of the way home! :) You are doing a great job. Those three kids always seem happy and well adjusted. "This too shall pass!" Great job, mom!


It's kind of scary how often you end up writing blog posts about the EXACT SAME THING I happen to be dealing with at the moment. I work full time outside the home, and sometimes (like this week) I also have to work at events that keep me away from home in the evening too. There is nothing more I want to do at the end of each day than get home and spend some quality time with my kids, yet what little time we've had together this week has been spent doing nothing but constant bickering (by them) and yelling (by me). Hate this rut we're stuck in and hoping that we find a way out of it soon. Thank you so much for your honest posts and for making me feel a little better that I'm not a horrible parent!

Christine P

I'm sending you big hugs, Karen. Miss you!

Juli P

It is refreshing to know that when I feel like I'm the only parent that deals with constant bickering and complaining and tattling on the other...that there's someone else out there listening to the same thing. It gets so old, but I know that it will eventually end. At least that's what I keep telling myself...


This "They fought after aplogizing for fighting." and this "They fought when I separated them."
I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this. It started when my girls where 5 & 3 and continued at a constant level for 6 years. Now they are 12 & 10 and just fight a 'normal' amount. It's so hard, trying and exhausting when they fight when they are together, fight when they are in different rooms, fight while watching tv but not over the tv. Had to eat breakfast and wash up in the bathroom at different times but still managed to fight, and this mama is not a morning person so that just about drove me to drinking before 8am.
Good luck to all of us.


I can relate to this. Sometimes the fighting over the dumbest things makes me want to run away from home for awhile!!!!

Shannon L

I needed to read this today! So glad I played catch up on your blog today. One foot in front of the other...I'll just keep reminding myself that! :) Have a great weekend!

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