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Melissa Ladd

I'm so glad that you and your mom have a great relationship now and it sounds like you had some wonderful quiet moments together over the weekend. My mom just died less than 3 weeks ago, and now my mind is rushing to remember and treasure those types of special memories. She and I did have a great relationship and for that I am so thankful.


Thank you Karen! I am so excited to have gotten a spot for Sarah!

So glad you were able to spend some quality time with your mom. Isn't it amazing even as an adult and a mother yourself how sometimes you still just need your own mom? Love that she rode along beside you as you ran, that is just awesome!

Thanks again!

Denise M

Oh this just makes my heart all warm & fuzzy (and made me cry buckets). So glad that you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your mom and heal some of those wounds. It is something I regret not doing sooner and now it's too late. My mom is currently in a nursing home 2000 miles away heavily sedated in the end stages of dementia. Even though our last visits together there were still filled with hurt I'm trying to hold onto the memories of all the little things she did out of love. Give your mom and extra big hug and squeeze just because.


Karen, you are such an amazing person in so many ways. Thanks for being an example to me. I'm glad you got to have some good time with your mom. When I met her I could tell she is your cheerleader.
Thanks for your generosity. Beth will appreciate and love your class.


That's wonderful you and your mom got to spend some quality time together….you know where I am (thanks again for the email) so you know how special that is especially now. I am SO excited for Elizabeth! I just left her a crazy voicemail. ;)

Anna from RI

Wow! What a wonderful weekend for you and your Mom, Karen. Now that I've had the pleasure of meeting her, this is doubly heartwarming. So glad you're able to enjoy her and your relationship so young.

And a BIG thank you! I'm beside myself with excitement for my cousin Aimee. I've called and texted her, telling her to call me. I'm sure she's busy with one month old Faye, but I want to share the news of opportunity to audit your class in a conversation (so I'm glad I gave me email address instead of her… lol!). Hugs Karen!


Karen-Your generosity is amazing. I just read all of the entries and I can see why you gave so many seats away. What a wonderful thing to do.


Thank you, thank you! My sister Angie was thrilled that she gets to take the class and I think I might just have to audit the class again to do it with her!
Thank you for your generosity, and Angie should be emailing you soon!


Your mom is such a sweetie!


i cannot believe that i didn't get a chance to read your last post....i know someone who would have really liked to win one of those auditing seats....that would be me. Guess it wasn't in the cards! Next time...and maybe with my new job, i'll actually be able to afford to take your class!! love that post about your Mom. I love the way that you blog your heart. thank you!


The one morning I didn't read your blog! That will teach me! Love the post about your mom, just what I needed tonight!


Karen, you are just one awesome person!! Congrats to those girls who got an auditing seat!! So glad you had such a great time with your mom. Enjoy every minute you have with your mother. I can't even believe my mom has been gone for 15 months. It seems like just yesterday that I just talked to her, I miss her with every fiber of my body. I can't even explain the feeling. But I do feel that she is with me every day...especially in the sunshine because I know she is shining brightly in heaven. So, take it from someone who would love one more moment with her mom...those moments are precious and will stay a part of you for the rest of your life. God bless you my friend and your beautiful momma.

Shannon L

Karen, I don't know or think I can explain what this blog post has meant to me. Maybe I'll explain in an email. It's raw and very painful and much of the story has me in a very ugly light but God is good and through it all I know he will heal all those pieces in me that are broken, or not. Maybe that is part of my journey. To know that God may not be able to heal the broken pieces but he is still there and loves a girl like me. My own mom is a saint, I kid you not. Sweetest woman in the world. She is the best and I don't know what I would do without her. My sweet husband will be coming to the one year anniversary of his mom passing on Friday. It's so hard for him and for me because I can't heal his broken heart. She had abandoned him years ago. Left his siblings and him with their dad. They never really healed that part of their relationship so I'm glad you and your mom got to. This past year, I've seen what kind of hole it leaves in a person.
Thank you for choosing my sister. She will be so shocked and thrilled. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I thank you from the bottom of my soul for this blog! Hugs!


Hi Karen! I just sent you an email - (look for an overly excited message from me in your inbox.) Thank you so very much (along with Jacki and Kristi) for this amazing opportunity to join your upcoming photography course! I won't re-write my entire email to you here... but I wanted to publicly thank you for your wonderful gift.

And this blog post about your mom was lovely and so touching. Thank you for sharing it as well. I was especially grinning as you described your conversation about being potentially eaten by cougars. My mom and I have had conversations about this topic several times! Thx again. I am looking forward to your class. :-)


It's so like you to invite everyone to the party. You are such a sweetie!


You are AMAZING!...just completely amazing...

Rachelle S

How completely sweet of you to give all those people audits; that is a huge blessing for them! I'm so glad you've been able to come to peace with your past emotions with your Mom~ you're both amazing and both deserve Peace. (Hi Diane!). Big ol' Hugs to you both

Audrey V

let us know how the Whole 30 works for you. I've been eating paleo for 2 years and I love it.


I know I missed the selection, but I had to share how much your words touched my heart! Just more testimony to how God can heal all things in His time! Mind you, this often requires patience and more on my part! Something that I continually struggle with…but, life is a work in progress, as is every relationship within it! Again, thanks for speaking to my heart today! Looking forward to the class -- I'll be one of the auditing members and to say I'm excited is not strong enough!! :)

Katie McF

Gutted I missed it have to trust that it was not my turn this time! Congrats to all winners!


Oh I remember seeing the bond between you and your mother and feeling so blessed just to witness it! And the oatmeal. Oh the OATMEAL :)))--Love to you Ms. Diane xxooxx


"Love Always Wins"!
You nailed it!


Thanks for sharing this. I didn't know anything about your growing up experience with you mom until reading this but it's given me some hope. My 10 yr. old daughter has a friend whose mom left her with her dad when she was 7. He's a wonderful dad and kind man who is doing a remarkable job raising his daughter. I just can't imagine how this girl feels and what she's thinking. What you've shared makes me hopeful that somehow sometime she'll be open and able to have a relationship with her mother.

Maria Glazener

I am glad you can still spend quality time with your mom. I think I told you my mom passed away when Abby was 10 months old. I know she would have loved to watch her grow up! My dad died when Abby was 5 and my sister died last year. It has taken a toll and you really do find out what you are made of in hard times like those. I agree that you have to let go and let GOD and release all of those negative thoughts. It does no good to be angry with ghosts! Love your honesty and your everyday life stories!


Since moving out in November, I have come to appreciate my mother so much more. We never had insane mother/daughter issues when I was a teen and there's plenty we don't see to eye to eye on, but now that I don't get to see her every single day, I value her that much more.


Your heart (and auditing seats!) is like an African taxi - always room for more! I trust your example of generosity will be passed on in various ways by all of us lucky enough to witness it.

And goodness, you look just like your granny!

Greetings from South Africa


you are a true gift from God! thank you for your generosity and honesty.

love and honesty always win! true story.

your post made me cry the ugly know why. :)

THANK YOU. just, thank you.

Jewels Price

YOu are an amazing generous and God fearing woman! What a sweet gift and sacrifice! May the Lord bless you ten fold! P.S. The picture of your mom is BEAUTIFUL!


Wow that is just awesome! I sure do need to take your class. I seem to have lots my photo taking mojo lately working a new full time job, plus single mom lack if time. Maybe next time!



My Mom left us when I was 12. Just up and left one day. She didn't say where she was, or where she was going. It was top-secret information.

I looked past it for a long time, until a problem came up, and all those feelings I never went thru then, came over me now. We're still in the middle of it. I hold so much hate in my heart for her.

Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate hearing someone who was in the same thing, that got thru it.

I'm glad for the both of you!

Lisa A

I'm so glad you are in this place now with your mom. Thank you for sharing your story. And can I just say wow! at your generosity. You really are a special lady!


What?? AAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I am crying. Sorry I am late checking back on the giveaway. I will email you soon. Thank you so much!!!!

Traci B.

Blown away!!! I just got back to read now! E-mail has been sent. <3

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