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Andrea :)

Way to go, Karen! Way to go, Annie! :)


This was an absolutely wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing it.


This is so awesome! Good for you!

christi in ma

this is awesome!

Julie Pilch

We'll done Karen!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Aw! And bless her sweet little heart for being that girl who kept her mom company and kept her going!


What a lovely story! Thank you!


I just loved everything about this post. In your non-existant spare time, you should write a book. :) You have a gift. I hope you can get back into it little by little and regain the power of running. I love that your little Annie immediately wanted to run with you. I have an eight year old like that. God showed you a blessing right when you needed it most. Hang in there. Thanks for posting REAL life.

Rachelle S

Good job ladies!! : ) I need to take this post to heart and just do it myself.


Woo Hoo!! Way to go!

Krista Lund

Ah crap! Does this mean I have to start running again?! Jk. Truth is I have missed it too. I am waiting for the sun though.


"her stride is short and her conversations are long" - somehow you have accurately described my 8 year old perfectly. :-)

Great post!


With Annie by your are ALWAYS a winner.

Anita Guthrie

I just love the way you write and yay for you and Annie getting out and running! This week I started at the gym...and I dread going every time! I am so not a "workout" kinda girl but I know that I need to get up off my rear and start doing some physical activity so I go with my husband and i hate it when i'm doing it but it does feel good afterward!

Janine Fox

I have been lazy and put on a little weight lately but this morning I got up and put my running shoes on, and went out for a walk/run. Thanks so much for the inspiration to get moving again Karen:)


So sweet.


Thanks for this! I just started trying to become a "runner" and losing weight and am experiencing some set backs. I was just beginning to be able to enjoy running and was feeling good at the end of my runs, but started getting shin pain and now I'm pretty sure I have a stress fracture. And I am so bummed! I love the way you described how you get mad at Josh Downs when he tries to encourage you, I do the SAME thing with my fiancé. I hate that I have to rest now and avoid running and I can't believe I actually miss it. But I think you know how I feel. :)


This post just made me smile.


Awwww…. that's so sweet of Annie.
I was thinking of you when I plugged Jillian in yesterday for the first time since last fall. I've been doing the couch-to-5k app on my phone and it's hard, I'm not a runner. But I'm finding my 40's need a little kick in the pants.
I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, I am so sore, but It's a good sore!
Take it slow.

Bob's Juice

I admire you, the essence it's “ never give up” and you shall get what you want.

cindy b

Good I the only one CRYING over this story?!! Maybe because I am PMS'n or maybe because I feel exactly the way you do.. need to get back at it!!

Maria Glazener

Well you know this post has me smiling from ear to ear and a little tear in my eye! I know how hard it has been for you and I am still a little ticked we didn't get to run together in September!:)But, I am so happy you went out and ran today! Super cool that Annie went with you! Sometimes you never know who will step up when you need them! My 12 year old is not in the place right now, too self-absorbed and it makes me long for the younger years! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there! And just so you know...We all go through ups and downs with running! Always remember, I am one of your biggest running cheerleaders!!


That was beautiful. Simply beautiful. xo

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