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Julie Pilch

Awww Karen, hope you are OK and especially hope little Annie is OK too :( I think you are amazing to look after 3 munchkins on your own, whilst doing so many other things too. You rock!!! Look after yourself and look forward to seeing more posts and photos when you return xxxx


So glad to hear :) I'm so sad I missed your giveaway last week...I've been wanting to take your class for over a year! And I've been meaning to tell you that I can't believe how big Annie has gotten, how old she is starting to look! Exciting and sad all at the same time :) My son will be in kindergarten next year and I'm starting to see a change in him...just would like to stop time for a little while, ya know?


We had the same issues with my husband for YEARS. Countless drs appts, tests, labs, scans, etc. They said it was "all in his head." It was terrible. He was miserable. Then we saw a Naturopath. She diagnosed him in one allergies. A TON of food allergies. He's 100% now and said he hasn't felt this good since high school. If Western Medicine isn't providing an answer for sweet Annie please see a naturopath...ours saved our family. : )


Here's to hoping you are able to find out what is going on with your little woman.


Poor Annie! Prayers that you find out what's wrong with the munchkin!


Hang in there..I will be keeping you in my thoughts...and hoping you get some resolution to the stomach issues...darn it any way!! I will be looking forward to your next post...whenever it might be!


I don't know the extent of Annies stomach problems, but we have a friend with a child that was having stomach aches for months. It ended up that she needed glasses. Just a thought. Prayers you find something out.


I went to a naturopath last thursday, allergies! Due to Candida, all out of whack! No sugar, dairy, gluten, yeast, and not just for me! Kerry too, bwhahahaha…I'm on day 4 and no one has died. He's on day 1! I hope you get Annie all figured out. The naturopath has helped more than the dr., she told me I had IBS and eczema, even though I thought it was candida.


Yup, naturopath or look into Young Living Essential Oils! They work - they are all natural, no side effects therapeutic grade essential oils. I could go on and on but I'm totally amazed at how they are relieving my IBS and I've used them on burns, pink eye, flu, cold, fevers, asthma, and got rid of fleas! I'd be happy to give you more info should you like it!


My son had stomach issues for probably a year before we finally figured out it was food allergies. If you haven't checked that out already, you might see if it's causing Annie's issues too. Poor girl - hope she gets to feeling better!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Hope annie is doing better soon!


Hope Annie feels better really soon. Tummy troubles are no fun. Sounds like your plate is kinda heaping as well. I'll throw in some prayers for you, too!

Bob's Juice

I missed your giveaway last week. I'm really sorry for Annie,hope you find out what's wrong really fast!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Oh, poor Annie! Praying for some answers, and for patience in the meantime!


Sending prayers!! And as a mom who has to "go it alone" half the month, I get where you are!! (Dh is a retired Navy pilot, now employed by a major carrier. While we are blessed with a great job, he is gone for 16 days a month! :( ) Not many people "get" our lifestyle!!

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