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Happy Birthday Annie! I hope you have a wonderful day at school and a special evening with your family. I've been reading your Mom's blog for about 5 years, you've grown and changed so much. I've noticed how long your hair has gotten, especially from those photos of it braided at the pool.

Kathy C.

Happy 8th bee-day Miss Annie! It's been awesome reading your mama's blog all these little girl turns 8 in May...2006 was a VERY good year!! Enjoy YOUR day! :)


Yes....those years have flown by. Cannot believe she is 8!! Love the feel of these can feel the love that Cole and Courtney Lee have for her. Enjoy the day and walk down memory lane many times!

Sandra Klary

Happy, happy birthday, Annie!!! Hope your special day is as amazing as you! :D

Jen Fike

Happy BIrthday Annie! I hope you have a wonderful day! I love that Josh writes you love notes. You are one lucky girl :)

Julie Pilch

Happy Happy Birthday Annie! My "baby" was 8 two weeks ago but it feels like two minutes ago she was a baby and I was reading your blog feeling comforted that someone else was going through the same things I was. Hope Annie has a lovely rest of the day. And Happy Anniversary to you and Josh xxxxx


Oh my gosh...eight years old! Yes, I started your blog way before Yans! It's been wonderful seeing you and your family grow over the years! Love you too Karen! :). You'll always be my fav blogger. I'll probably be visiting here until forever.


Happy Birthday Annie!!! I absolutely love your dress and curls and tiara and pocket knife and umbrella and your sweet 8-year old smile!


Happy Birthday Yannie!!! Hope your birthday ROCKS!!! :)


Yes, I have known Annie all her life!! Annie, Being 8 years old is a wonderful time, Enjoy !
Love you Karen...and your entire family.


Happiest of Birthdays to you Annie! I love love love that birthday dress.

Kirsten J

Happy birthday Annie! Wow, time flies.....


Happy Birthday Annie! You are growing up so fast. I hope you had a magnificent birthday


Happy Birthday Annie so that means it's two weeks until Sienna turns 8. Both our girls are growing up I can't believe they are 8 this year. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Sandy Horton

happy birthday Annie!! And yes I am one of those people!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Wow! 8? Happy Birthday Annie! I found the blog about 5 years ago, and went so head over heels for your photography and your family that I went back and read from the beginning. I clicked back now, and saw those first pictures of Annie, and she still had that same sweet little smile. Hope that 8 is great Annie!


Hope you had a Happy Happy Birthday Annie!! So many things I love about this post! Love seeing the chest on your bathroom counter that you found in Alameda, love seeing that chalkboard filled with Josh's love song, so sweet! Love seeing you all gathered at the Good Bean (not fighting LOL!)and Annie's sweet tiara! Sounds like a wonderful day!


Happy Birthday Annie!
She's gorgeus!And the pics are amazing,great shots !


I got that same pink Swiss Army knife when I was about her age. Twenty years later, it is still on my keychain. The toothpick is gone, the knife is covered in tape residue from opening packages, and the tweezers are so dull they would probably never remove any small object! However, my daddy gave it to me for my birthday and I can't replace it. Happy birthday Annie!


Happy Birthday Annie! It's been a fun eight years watching you grow! And that chalkboard love song is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Your love story makes my believe that there is magic out there waiting to be found!


Had to add - this weekend I'm cleaning out my stash of books and ran across "Totally Transparent" with Cole on the front. So cute. You had so many wonderful pages in that book! You were a pioneer in transparencies.
I didn't say before, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yans!! Adorable.


Happy Birthday, Annie! I can't believe it's been that long!


I almost spit water on my computer with this:
(It's the 9th anniversary of us meeting after sitting next to each other on a flight out of Atlanta, Georgia, but please refrain from doing the math on all of that.)

Happy Birthday, Annie! Hope you guys all enjoyed celebrating!

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