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Hooray for Yans...and a double hooray for you. I get that mine are 30 and 27.....wish I could have said that when they were 7, and 10. Yea you....and heck back in the dark ages...I didn't even have the internet, social media as my excuse.


Good for you, enjoy your dinner!


I know where you are coming from and usually mine want me to look at something when I'm in the middle of the kitchen cooking dinner where I really can't leave the stove. I'm glad you took the ti me to watch her and I think 15 minutes is a good break for you to be away from the computer to get some fresh air as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


So great! Thanks for sharing and reminding me of this.

Jeannie Denney

She doesn't even have a jacket on. What kind of weather have you been having?

april nowotny

Isn't that such a great book. I find myself in on the verge of tears quite often as I read through there. It is a powerful reminder of all that I want for my own life...and that their time with me is too short and will be gone in a blink. Congrats to Annie!


OMG! 9 is halfway to done?! I tried desperately to get my daughter to agree to not turning 9 and then 10. If I'd thought of it in those terms, I don't think I could handle it.

In the meantime, congrats to Annie for accomplishing one of a kid's big milestones-I think after walking, it's the first to real independence. You can tell, I don't want to think about driving ;-).

How will you feel when she loses her last tooth? We've only got 2 more to go and then the Tooth Fairy will be done here. Thankfully, you and your family will have endless documentation of their real, everyday lives to help them hold on to their memories.

aimee B

Hey there,

Jen at Organized Jen .com just wrote about setting an actual work schedule while work at home... It may be of interest to you.

Proud of you for taking the time with Annie!


I think I can see you struggling to put work aside for spending precious time with your chidlren. You did a good job this week with the cycling and The Mental Health Day. I want to encourage you to see every decision like that as great and just ignore the times you chose work. Sometimes you have to - for your mental health! And honestly, I've found if you keep paying, they keeping turning up: for meals, for impromptu shopping trips, for holidays/vactaions. So try to be more positive than 'at 9, it's half over'. I was taken out for dinner for the first time by my 25 year old last week. It's all good - some of it just takes a while. From here, it looks like you're doing a really good job. Despite the bickering!!!

Kelli Davis

This post really resonates with me. My phone is a HUGE distraction. I have immediately purchased that book. Thanks for sharing. Sweet Annie looks great on her bike :)

Sara M

I am reading that book too and am loving it.

Can I say that it is hard to look at Annie riding her bike with short sleeves when we are at home with school closed again because it feels like -35. :)
Makes me want to hop on a plane and go hang out in Oregon for awhile.

Yay for taking the time to be with her. The stuff on our mental to-do list will never be done anyway so we may as well enjoy our kiddos.


"And next year she turns nine, which means my time with her will be halfway done."

LOL! Eighteen years ago... I found myself saying to our oldest son..."Next week your turning nine and that means half the time you'll spend in my house is done." and each time I said it I started to cry. After about the tenth time, Walter looked at me and said, "Well if your going to cry every time you think of's going to be a looooong nine years." But, it wasn' passed in the blink of an eye. Enjoy this time!!!

tara pollard pakosta

perfect photos and sentiment.
and yes, as you know, it goes way too fast!
you are such a great mommy~!

nancy boothe

It's cold in Kansas this morning, but your post made my heart warm. I love you and Annie. (OK, all 5 of you. I would surely love the oldest guy if I knew him.)

Penny Maggio

Wow, Anne turns 8. I was following you well before Annie was born...way back before photography...yikes...I can't believe how time flies. It's so important that we participate in those fleeting but important moments - they're gone in a flash. You never know about the moments missed until you actually take the time to NOT miss them - then you're left wondering why you didn't start NOT missing them much sooner because it enriches our lives so much. Live and learn! Great post.

Kelli Williams

Maybe she won't move out at 18! Waaaahhh! She's just a baby! Slow down!


When I landed on your home page today (because I clicked over from the Clicking Mom's Click Away retreat page...which I'm considering only because you'll be presenting), there was a quote saying how if you could express with words, you wouldn't need to lug a camera around (or something close). And I immediately thought how wrong that was---because you ARE such a talented writer.

I don't get to read blogs as much as I once did...but whenever I get back here, I'm blown away by your ability to tell a story, in both words and photos.

And I'm similar, in terms of work being the bigger pull than smartphone/socialmedia, and glad to hear Hands Free Mama is still worth reading. Thanks for sharing this!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

YES! to Annie! (great job, kiddo!) to Josh (for being a great dad!) to you (for knowing what was important and acting on it!) I'm head over heels for your sweet family. And your gorgeous photos.

Christy Bridwell

This made me tear up in the best way possible. Thanks.


This post! All of it! It made my heart leap. And turn. And ache! Why do our baby birds have to grow so fast! Love your words and work! It's been a long time since I have stopped by. So glad I did today....eventhough I should be working! :)


Love your words! Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom!

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