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doris sander

i'm a teacher. my son and i took a mental health day this week too. we take one once a semester. it's good stuff.


Hoo boy, that sounds delicious! I want one! :)
Problem is, I work where I live, so staying home doesn't really mean a day off (snow days either - rats!). The plus is that I never have to put a coat on to commute to my office. :)

Robyn :)

Wonderful idea!!!!

Julie Pilch

Good for you!! I did this before Christmas with my oldest as both of us were worn out and life was just getting a bit too much. I think everyone needs a day a year to snuggle with their little ones before they get too big ;)


I needed one of those today well in fact I need a whole week of them. This is week 7 of 8 weeks holiday and I've over the bickering also and need a break from it too. Regards Kathy A


My Dad used to let us do that all the time as long as our grades weren't affected. I bet she cherished the memories you made and her special time with just YOU.

There's nothing irresponsible about being there and available for your children. :)

Kelli Williams

Sounds like a great idea!


I have distinct memories of my mom letting me stay home for a mental health day every once in a while.


I started this when my oldest started school [he's now 21] and have continued the tradition with my daughter [she's 9]. They get one day off for their birthday. It can be used anytime though. I like the idea of taking a day off each semester better : )

Janet Knox

Yay for mental health days!!!!!


You brought back a very important memory for me today. Thank you for that. You did a good thing. We have done this for our girls periodically too. We all need a little emotional regrouping sometimes.


Around here we call those snow days. :-)

Kim H.

Love this!!!!


My mom always gave us one mental health day a year. Everyone needs them, really! I think it makes you an even more amazing mom!


Good for you!! I have done that with the kids (more while in elem. school.. easier to catch up than in high school). Though, a couple of Fridays ago, my sophomore was totally cool with missing her art class, which was the last class of the day, and my 1st grader had care groups (which we don't allow him to partake in as it goes against our beliefs) and I pick him up early, I took him out even earlier at the time she would be going into art, and we had an afternoon out together. It was nice. That won't happen again this school year for the girl. Her class load this next semester is to heavy. I love the extra time with my kids. And the last time, my girl was ok with this was in elem. school.


I think that's an awesome idea!! Good for you ( and Annie ).

Jennifer S

Perfect!!! That was my mom's birthday! I think everyone should take a Mental Health Day and snuggle on 1-16. I feel one of these days coming on.... my little 6 yr needs some mommy time. One little one year old monopolizes me.

Anita Guthrie

Yay for Mental Health days...I've always let my kids take them too! They didn't want them so much once they hit high school...sometimes I would beg them to take one with me! :)

Maria Glazener

A super great idea! And totally off the subject.. what is the paint color in your bedroom? I am painting my whole downstairs and last night had a little panic attack because your words from Making the Shot Two came back about painting your whole house white... and I am painting my whole house...COLORS! And I thought to myself.. how in the world will I ever get great white balance and tack sharp focus with all these colors in my house...but then I realize that color makes me happy, so I have to go with that. And it has been 12 years since we painted and I am so sick of yellow! But then I see the beautiful color in your bedroom, which looks like the color I was planning on using and just wanted to see what you used... Sorry, way to many words for just a question, but I wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and remembering the fun times at the Hometown Workshop!

Fran Agostinis

Remember the Cheerios story on Oprah? Mum had cancer, took the kids to Disneyworld, did lots of wow things with them so they would remember her....what did those kids remember? They remember the time they couldn't sleep and they shared a bowl of cheerios with their Mum at 11.00 at night.
Simple moments make the warmest memories - I'm all for playing hookey! :)

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