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Sara M

Love this photo, Karen. A great photo is suppose to do just that, take your breath away and make you feel lots and lots of things.


WOW, so the talent runs in the family - uh?


And this is the very reason for believing in "God has a plan..." remember this when you are struggling, anxious, or feeling fragmented. Good job mom.

Denise M

WoW sums it up nicely.


Again you make me cry...

Janet Knox

Technique can be taught, but talent is a gift. Ross has a true gift. I hope you continue to post his work, so we can watch him grow.


That boy, was raised by one amazing mom... Bravo Karen. Your master piece is Brilliant!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

What a great image! But you know that the very best part is that he wanted to learn photography from his mom! I think I may just love that kid! What an awesome tribute to you as both a photographer and a mom. You guys are so lucky to have each other.


What an awesome photo! Great work Ross!

Mary Jo

That is a very cool photo. I can totally relate to all your 'feelings' about your son! I have one of the same and he brightens every day for me.

Julie Pilch

Beautiful photo Karen! A chip off the old block :) I have a question for you. If you don't mind me asking. Do you still scrapbook? I loved the class I was lucky enough to attend and whilst I've been a bit busy with everyday rushing after three kiddies I'm keen to get back into it and I wondered if you still has time to do it? Thanks xxx


Be proud - that's your boy!!!


Love it! All!!


What comes to my mind is something about an apple and a tree....


A chip off the old block... Great photo Ross well done you'll enjoy your mother's course. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Love it! When will he start blogging his photos? He's obviously very talented too, has a great eye or two!


wow. just a big, fat wow. i so need to take your class someday if that's what happens after week one. or it's just in his genes. either way. wow.


Awesome shot Ross!!


"Just" wonderful …. all of it. The photo, the feelings, the special relationship … all of it.


I tell my oldest son.... that he is my practice child. The child I made the most mistakes with, the child who made me a mom...the child who first won my heart...there are more children, but never again a first.


Cara Lieggi

Karen, I just had to write. In a world where moms have so much doubt, guilt, whatever about how to raise our kids, you should be one PROUD mama!!!! The fact that he WANTS to learn from his mom speaks volumes!!!! What a wonderful testament to your relationship with him!!!! He is a very talented young man. Bravo to him and YOU!!!!!!!

Kathy R in NC

Holy cow! Yes.... he's got this. Great, great, great image Ross!

Audrey V

wow if that isn't the ultimate compliment ... that your son wants to learn photography from you! You should feel very successful as a photographer and a mom.

Debbie Donovan

Awesome...just so awesome!

Shannon L

I love the bond you and Ross have..the photo is amazing, talent can't be taught and he obviously has it..and you did Good did GOOD! I hope one day, my four kids and I have that bond..they are little still so I have the whole still sucking life out of me feeling..haha..but its all good! Thank you for sharing!

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