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Great pictures! I am so jealous of your sunny weather. I am in Utah and it is freezing cold and there is snow on the ground


Loved the photos and would have been so easy for you to stay home and work ( will be there when you get home) and spending time outdoors with your kids and taking beautiful photos is what it's all about. Glad you made the effort. Funny crash scene....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Okay, seriously? After freezing my butt off all day I'm so jealous to see Coley and Yans in sleeveless shirts!! In January! Can I come live with you? ;)


And, I'm home with my kids today because there is no school-not because of snow but because the wind chill is like 20-30 degrees below zero so I was a little jealous of the sunshine fun too;) And, AMEN to your last comment:)


Seriously...sleeveless on a bike ride and SUNSHINE??? No school today...woke up to -8 degrees...Lord only knows what the wind chill was. Two hour delay tomorrow because of the FREEZING temps. I think I need to move! Enjoy for all of us freezing our "you know whats" off!!! Enjoy!!


As I sit here with temps of -25 I am jealous of just long sleeved t-shirts, let alone no sleeves. Michigan is a wonderful place. UGH

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