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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Would love to be an auditor on this workshop. And I am looking forward for the next issue on focusing. BTW you should come to Orlando and have a workshop here. Please

Kim L.C.

I'd love to win an audit seat in your class!

Andrea West

Happy new year! I have wanted to take your class for a long time, so of course, it would be great to win!


It would be a privilege to learn from you.

Michelle Moore

Dream: to be a student of one of your classes. Thank you for the possibility!


I would absolutely love to win a seat!

Fee K.

I'd love to audit the class..never have because I just can't justify the money at this time with my daughter being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in June (and unexpected money expenses from other issues). Thanks for offering a giveaway!


So excited to take the class!

Andrea :)

I would love to win a seat for my dear friend who lost her sister this past summer. I know that she wants to learn how to take better pictures. I keep recommending that she take your class but for some reason, she hasn't yet. This would be a great push for her to finally do it! As you know, your class was a game changer (and life changer) for me, so I know that it would be such a positive start and distraction for her! :)

Carol Dillon

What a generous giveaway that I would love to win! With the Aussie $ how it is, winning is my only chance of doing the class.


I absolutely LOVED your class and have told more people about how you have impacted my life!! I would be so excited to take part in your class again!!!

tiffany walls

have always wanted to take one of your classes. would love to learn new things!


I'd love to audi this class again. I did it with a newborn the last time so sometime rushed myself. I'd love to give it another go!


If I win, then I'll take it as a sign that I need to move forward with my planned camera upgrade ASAP ... Not really sure what I've been waiting for otherwise! ;)


Jumping up and down yelling "pick me!"


Love Cindy's comment up above! I have no doubt this is a great class and it remains on my wishlist! Would love to win an auditing seat---especially in the course that includes Ross:)
Thanks for the chance!

Marie O

My hubs would love to audit your class!

Christa H

I would love this so much. I am a teacher and spend so much time helping my students and working on school work that I neglect doing fun things for myself.
Thanks for the opportunity!


It would be awesome!!!!!!!!! Please pick me!


Taking your class would be a dream come true!!

Amy Whitehorn

Would love to take this class. I need some inspiration!

Christa Williams

Happy New Year!! would love to win a spot. God Bless!!

Erin Jacobs

I would LOVE the opportunity to audit your class. I have a newborn and my new year's resolution is to learn how to use my Nikon SLR to photograph her. Thanks for the consideration!

Dianne Plummer

I would love to take this class! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Debbie Del Rosario

Happy New Year! It would be amazing to be a part of your class. I admire your pictures so much!

Deborah Kolb

I love the way you make photography an easy fun growth experience!!! I would love to be a part of the class with all the talent here!!!
Thank You
Deborah Kolb

Megan k

Awesome giveaway, Karen. Happy new year to you and yours!!

Nicole Miller

My photography seriously needs your class!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Happy New Year Karen!!

Yolanda Robinson

I"d love to audit your class so that my girlfriend who preaches your class on a pretty regular basis and I can FINALLY speak the same language! lol!

Jamie De Luna

Thank you soooo much for the chance to win!


Would love to join in!

Sara Chase

I had to reschedule the class for March, but would love to be able to audit now. I thought it was really special that your son would be in the class.


We recently went on a vacation and I blew the dust off the camera. Grudgingly hauled it across the country and brought it out a few times and took a lot of photos. I realized how much I miss my camera, that I have so much to learn and remember. I still take pictures, mostly with my phone. While any picture is a good one to have, the iPhone only method is a habit I intend to break and fall back in love with crisp and clear photos. I've always wanted to take your class.... Just never seems like a good time. No time is better than now, what a way to kick start the new year! This would be such an awesome opportunity. Happy New Year!!


This has been on my wish list for a long time. I'd love to audit your class!

Kim Nguyen

I can certainly use the help again!!!

Brenda Geile

I would love to be able to audit your class. Thanks for your wonderful blog!


Hello & Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were wonderful!
I made no resolutions but have been focusing more on two words...thankful and important! Hoping those will help me thru the new year! And on Christmas Eve while I was scrambling to make photo calendars for the grandmas I realized I really didn't take a lot of pictures in 2013...sad really. So I'm also hoping to grab my camera more in 2014! And blog more!:)
You know I've wanted to take your class for years, so thanks for the chance at the giveaway! How fun to have Ross in your class!
Have a good weekend!

Kim Croley

I have been debating on auditing the class or waiting to try for the next one…. I would love to start right now!

robin debruyne

I would love love love to take this .class.please pick me


Happy New Year!! I would LOVE to audit the class so soon after completing a session as a regular student. :)


Thanks for the chance! How exciting,,

pam boudreaux

Ross and a roommate will be your students - that should be interesting and fun! As a SOAGL and HTW alumni, I would love to win for my friend who just got her first DSLR. Pretty sure she's tired of hearing, "Karen says…" so if she gets to take the class, she won't have to - she'll know!


I would love to take this class! It's been on my wish list for awhile. Thank you for the chance to win!

Kerri Powell

Hi Karen! I have a friend that just gave the greatest gift of all to another couple.....she was a surrogate for a couple that now have their miracle baby boy in their arms. Michelle has wanted to take your class since hearing about it from me several years ago when I took your class but hasn't been able to make the investment yet. Please consider her for this gift as it would help lift her spirits in this postpartum time (Baby Blake was born 12/19 just in time for Christmas!)


Would love to enter. Need all the help I can get!


Would love the chance to have my niece audit your class. She already has an eye for photography, but needs your expertise!


I'd love to win!


Audited once and LOVED it. I want to again!

Kim Dolibois

Happy New Year Karen. Would love to win the audit seat. Thanks for offering one!

amanda june

Just got my DSLR fixed after several months without it. Truth be told, I have never really learned to use it like I've always wanted to. Would LOVE to audit your class :)


Hi Karen! I would love to audit the class! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

Robyn :)

My husband had a friend who would host Risk "parties" at his house. Basically he would call up everyone the day before or morning of and invite them to play that night. The games took FOREVER!!! He had the futuristic one and it was very confusing. I would have been more receptive to learning if it had been the regular one. But they are very long games!!


I would love a spot in this class. It's been hard trying to learn all this photography stuff on my own!! I need HELP!

mary james

I have also wanted to take your workshop forEVER. One day i will :) happy 2014 Karen and family - wishing you a wonderful year ahead!


Would love to take your class! Thanks!


Please pick me!! I need a serious refresher now that I have had some time pass after taking your class. I feel like I'll experience the class with "new eyes". Love all your help and support over the years. You're the best, Karen!!


I would love the chance to blow dust off my dslr and REALLY learn how to use it!! Happy New Year to you!

Amanda Lewis

I would love to audit and refresh my camera skills!

Megan Ochoa

Oooo....I would love an auditing seat!!!

Michelle Arthur

I would love to enter to win an auditing class. Thank you so much for offering it. I have admired your blog from afar for quite a while now. Have a great New Year!!!

Megan S

Always learn something new in your course! Have a wonderful New Year!!!

Mandy Lane

This would be my working mom dream come true! I haven't been able to do this but read your blog and stay updated through emails. Crossing my fingers!!! Mandy

Lauri Gigstead

I would love to audit this class.


This would be a dream come true! Thank you for the opportunity.

Georgianna Hildebrand

I want that seat!!!


I would soooo love to win this! I've heard just the greatest things about this workshop :)


Would so love to audit the class. Would be just the right thing I need. Thanks for making it possible for someone to win. Happy New Year.

Nina Delaney

I did my first whole30 in July and have been eating paleo since. It is awesome, feel fantastic and in great shape.. I wish you lots of success

Sam F

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win an audit spot! Very generous!


Would love a chance to audit your class!


Pick Me!

Kelli Williams

You know I'd take it again! That's so cool that Ross is taking the class! Maybe you'll come out of retirement and do the hometown workshop for him! Happy birthday you sweet, amazing human! Miss you! Oh, it's about time you got that shoulder looked at! Jillian's yoga workout has been calling my name. But it ignore it. The scream my jeans are making drowns Jillian out.


Happy New Year! I would love to win a spot in your class! I took a scrapbooking class from you ages ago (in Connecticut I think) and loved it.

Amy Farrell

Would love to take this class. Thanks for the opportunity and happy happy New Years!


Happy New Year! Would love to win this!! Thanks for the chance!

DeAnne Watson

Happy New Year, Karen! I'm so excited about taking your class again. I'm also super excited that my best friend is also taking it. I love your enthusiasm and passion for photography.


I would love to audit. I need to take my photography up a notch!


Thanks for the opportunity, Karen! I audited the workshop in 2013 and after receiving a Sweeeet new camera and lens for Christmas, I've been re-reading and practicing the material. I'd love to join along in this next session :)

PS - looking forward to seeing you at Click Away :)

Kam Gossett

Hi Karen, I'm signed up to take your class but would love to win a spot for my father to join. He just retired and desperately needs a hobby. :) His camera is dying to get used.

Sarah Bastian

I would LOVE to audit your class! I took your course two years ago and floundered my way through. We upgraded our camera body and I feel like a all my pictures are a disaster. I promise to be super chatty on the discussion pages and make encouraging comments on lots of photos! =]

Stacy Skow

Would love to win this!! Happy New Year!

Charlotte Blakeney

Would love another chance to take a class from you! More time to focus this time around!


This would be a wonderful belated Christmas present. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Tracy Stoker

Entering on behalf of my SIL, who I think would LOVE this class!!


Would love,love, love the opportunity to take this class!!!!!!!


I'd love to audit.

Barb Putters

Oh I miss your teachings, would love to win

Annette Pixley

I want to enter on behalf of my friend Erica. She's a full-time working Mom of 2, a fabulous friend and a woman who loves photography but really needs some more expertise. It's not something she could afford to do on her own and I'd love for her to have the chance to take the class. It's changed photography for me and I know it could do the same for her.

Sarah James

Oh, Karen!! I have 4 little boys...the only girl in the house...and I vowed to do something for ME this year, and to win this spot would be an amazing start! Thanks for all you do! ;)


Would love to audit this class! Time, time, time. Wish I had more of it but if I win this I will make time:)


i dream about taking your class!!
(my fingers are crossed!!!!)


It would be a JOY to have the opportunity to take this class in 2014! Took it in '09 and would love a refresher!

Lorie Gomes

oh….would love to win this…have always wanted to give it a go, but always $ for other things. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Cathy S

Two friends and PW alums have been encouraging me to take your class for a long time. Someday....


Would love to refresh my skills and retake this class! Thanks for the chance and I'm beyond excited for the next making the shot release! Happy New Years!

Debbie Newton

your are a great person Karen. I know your New Year will be a wonderful one.


I would love a spot, please.

Jemma Richmond-Murray

An amazing giveaway thanks for the opportunity!!!

Fiona Gains

wow thanks for the chance :) xo

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