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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Marilyn Tschorke

Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to audit this class! I need to review and refresh so much of your great class instruction.


this is on my wish list!

Jen Fike

Happy New Year! I love taking your class and learn something new every time I take it!

Michele Bailey

Happy New Year Karen! Can't wait for Monday! It would warm me up if I won your class, temperatures I have been enduring read right it's so cold your teeth hurt !

Sherri Dyess

Sherri Dyess


I would love to take this class. I'm a big fan of yours.

Sarah Wiehe

Would LOVE this !!!!!!


this would be an amazing way to start 2014!


Happy New Year! I would love the opportunity to win an auditors seat. I have read your blog and enjoyed your pictures for several years now. This year I really want to slow down and enjoy my family as my babies (almost 3yrs old) are growing up so fast. I would love to learn how to optimize the capturing of our moments both big and small through photographs. :)


Hoping for a chance at a spot..... happy new year to you and your beautiful family, Karen.

Lynea Ford

I would love to have my beautiful daughter-in-law Maranda take this class. It was the best class I ever took!

Robin Higgins

Just got a new camera and would love to start learning how to take decent pics. Long way to go!


Happy New Year Karen!!

Frances Agostinis

Working at my own pace would work for me.
I've walked away from my camera for a long time as I can't get the results I want
so I think a reboot is in order .....this could be just what the doctor orderd


Thanks for the chance to win an auditing spot in your class. It would be fabulous


I've been thinking about taking your class for forever!

Jennifer S

This IS the BEST.CLASS.EVER!!!!!!!! Entering for a friend, Cathy, I know she is busy learning to teach yoga all weekend!

Maggie Hurder

Please and thank you!!! Took your 1 day class at Right at Home Scrapbooking in MA about 5 years and it changed how used my camera. Would love to move past where I am currently.

Patty Neuss

I've had my camera Canon Rebel xsi for years, with working and knee replacements I never have shot anything but the Auto...I would love to take the class. Thank you for the opportunity.

Danielle Roe

Would love the chance to sit through the class again!

Arleen Morales

Arleen Morales and I would be blessed to wiln this


I would love to take your class! I would love to be taking better photos in time for my daughter's wedding in Sisters,Oregon this summer!! :) Happy 2014!

Sonia Siguenas

I would LOVE THIS!!!

Laura Furgason

I dream about taking your class!!

Katherine  Bollich

Happy New Year, Karen,
It would be a dream come true if I would be picked for the Auditing Seat in the first class of 2014!!!


Please Please Pick me! I'm a new SAHM and I need help with my photography!


I took your class a few years ago, but would LOVE to take it again! Happy New Year!!

Angie Price

Took the class a few years ago and loved it! I could definitely use a push to get me back into taking more photos.


I have been dreaming of taking your class ever since I started following your blog, every time I'm about to sign up something comes up and it needs to wait. I would be over the moon if I won the spot. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy New Year!


Would love the chance ...


Would LOVE to audit!!

Jamie Z.

Happy New Year!


Thanks for another generous give away! I mentioned to you by email earlier this year, that my goal was to finally crush some mental hangups, find some time, and finish the class I began with you in 2009 before 2013 was over. A cross country move, starting a new church and 3 small kids had me finishing it on (no lie) December 31st, but I did it! Auditing the class would be a huge boost to getting all that information to really click (ha!) now. But, even if I don't win -- THANKS AGAIN for keeping all the info out there for past students! I appreciate it so much!

Kathy J

I would so love to take this class, I'm a girl that likes to motivate myself in my own sweet time!!Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Denise M

Would love the chance to audit. Just got a new camera for Christmas and need to learn to use it better!
Happy New Year!! :)


Lori Schweiger would love to win this seat.

Annie Davis

That would be a great way to start the new year!


Karen, it's an amasing start in 2014 :)
Happy New Year to you and your lovely Familly !


I just got my very first DSLR and would love the opportunity to learn how to use if from one of the best :)

Thanks and Happy New Year.


I would love to take the class!! Maybe this will be my lucky day and get selected :)
Happy New Year, Karen!!

Megan Kennedy

Would love the chance to win a spot in this class!
Thanks so much :)


happy new year, karen!!



What an awesome opportunity! I'd love a chance to win a spot…. thank you!


If Ross is in, I wanna be in!

Monica F.

Happy New Year! What a great giveaway. I hope to win.


So cool that Ross it taking the class too :) Yay!


Loved taking this class a couple of years ago. Learned so much!! Would love to audit the class!

Linda Duncan

If I get that auditing seat, it will make me commit to doing something I've been putting off! I really need the motivation to get going and just do it!

Kim Gillet

I have a new grandbaby I want to take amazing pics of. Would be so thrilled to be a part of your class.

Bessie Thompson

Hi Karen, took your class in Warrenton when you were pregnant with Annie, have wanted to take your class since you started but can't afford it. It would be great to get to audit it!


How fun that Roscoe-T and his friend are in your class! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Karen! Hope I win that spot, fingers crossed X

Gwyn Goodmiller

I`d love for some of your talent to rub off on me! Please pick me! :)

debbie susee

Happy New Year!
I've wanted to take your photography class for years now. Just not in my budget. Would love it win one!!

Julia Keppler

It would be such a pleasure to learn from the best :)


I would LOVE to take your class!


I would love to take the class again! Changed my photographic life!


count me in!


I would love to audit! i'm not using the same body anymore and need to practice and learn on the new camera. yes i know i can just pull out my manual and practice but its different learning from Karen! :)


I would love to audit your class!

Linda C

Happy New Year...hopefully 2014 will be great.

Wendy Chaiken

Karen, I would love to audit your class...what a treat to be there with your son.

Kelly B

Happy New Year's, Karen! Thank you for being so generous and offering a seat in your class. Working on healing from an injury & could use something positive to motivate me!!


True gift to win a seat. Thanks for the opportunity.


Eeek! How exciting! I'd looooove to win this! :))


Happy New Year! Thank you for the chance, it was on my Christmas List, but Santa didn't bring it...


Happy New Year!! I' feel like I want change but not so much resolutions.

Karen Howe

I would loooove to take your class. Pick me! Pick me!
PS It was fun spending the day with you at the Alameda Antique Faire.

Ramie Edwards

I would love to audit again! I still have so much to learn and master!


Happy New Year! Here's to a year full of opportunities to grow, to love, laugh and snap some photos :)


Oh my! Wouldn't I love this opportunity! Happy New Year to you and yours!


I would love my Mum to get the auditing class. She has been so generous to me throughout my life, and particularly recently, both with her time and money. I'd love to be able to say a huge thank you to her by giving her this.

Jane Leaman

Karen I would love to win a chance to audit your class. I took your class several years ago and learned so much but during that time I lost my husband of 30 years to cancer and would love a chance to refresh my mind now that things have settled down for me. PS: I love your blog!!!

Michelle B

I would love a chance to win a seat in your class! So go on - pick me ;)


I would love to win.


I've audited before, but it was a crazy hectic time, and I know I missed some important lessons. I'd love to do it again, and stay more focused and determined to finish. <3 Thank you for the opportunity.

And no, its never too late to say Happy New Year!


Karen, you've made such an impact on my life! I am now documenting it through pictures. I am really loving it and would love to audit (I've taken the course as a regular student and I have audited). Hope I am the lucky winner!


Loved your class - took it a couple of years ago. Need to get back into learning mode and "focue"! :-)


I loved this workshop, it changed my photography skills so much for the better! I would love to audit and learn more. :)

Amy Goldstein

Yay! Great giveaway Karen!


would love to win a seat in your class.

Rhonda Wilcox

Thanks for the chance!

Tracey Todd

Oh no, I am late! I would have loved to enter for the auditing seat, but I didn't get your message until today because I was in Utah watching my little brother compete at the Olympic trials (and taking a ton of pictures)... turns out my baby brother, Chris Creveling, will be representing the US in Socchi for mens short track speed skating!!

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