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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Sue Tonga

Happy New Year Karen!

Renee S

I've been dreaming about taking your class for a couple of years now!

Happy New Year!


I've already taken the course - which I loved! But I would like to enter for a friend if that is ok.


Wow, What fun it would be to win! I just got a nikon d7000 that I cant wait to figure out :)


Happy New Year! A chance to audit your class would definitely allow me to say that 2014 started off great. :-)
Thanks for the opportunity.

Laura S

Happy New Year! Would love to win! Thanks


Happy New Year! I've wanted to take your photography class for ages. Pick me :)

Elaine Curry

Pretty pretty please!!! I so need a push! This would do it! Elaine

Kim K

Would love to win for myself or a friend. :)


Happy new year! Sounds like a good start so far. Thanks for the chance to win a spot; I've always loved the idea of your class.


Winning this seat would be an amazing start to the New Year! Thanks for the chance to win!

Janet Haist

I know someone who would LOVE to audit the class but can't afford it. Wonderful gift and idea for the lucky one! :) Janet

Jenny bartkus

Love this class and would love the opportunity to take it again!

Jeannine Douglas

Love this class and would love to audit it. Thanks for sharing!

krista lund

What an awesome giveaway!!


after the crazy year I had I could really use a good swift kick in the a$$ back to photography and there is none better than your class and community.


Oh please! Photography is top on my new year's resolutions. I feel like I've gotten in a real rut. When I first took your course, I improved dramatically. Now I feel like I have a new list of problems that I wasn't ready to tackle before but now am. Fingers and toes crossed and a spoon under my pillow for special luck...


This was by far the most awesome class EVER! Take it if you won't regret it!!

tammy kay

Oh, I've wanted to take this for years!

Christa P.

Would love to audit this class! Thank you for the offer!


would love to do this….happy new year to you too!!

Tara Holmes

I've wanted to take this class forever, just couldn't afford it with all the new baby costs too. Hope I win. Fingers crossed.


what a great giveaway! Awesome!


Great giveaway. Happy New Year! Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!


It's never too late for a happy New Years! I like your New Years family style. I would love a chance to start the year off right with an audit seat! Can't wait to see you at ClickAway!

Karen Stiller

I would love to audit your course.

Mel Nunn

Happy new year! I'd live to join you all again in the photographers workshop :)


I'd love to do it!!

Annette Kuusinen

Man, I love your blog Karen. This class is just what I need to kick-start photography. I need to relight my passion for photography.


I would love the chance to audit the course again this winter - was planning to sign up again in the Spring, but with this, why wait?!

Heather Chang

I need to get back into the groove. This class will help!

rebecca keppel

I've been trying to have enough extra money around to take your class for a LONG time now, but that extra money never seems to be there. Kids always need new shoes, clothes or whatever else so my fun $$ ends up spent on practical necessities. I would LOVE the chance to win and start the year off with some fun :) Thanks for the chance.
Rebecca Keppel
rebeccakeppel at hotmail dot com


I just got a new camera and would love to work through the course again with my new baby. :-)


Oh my gosh I would love to win this! I want so badly to take the class and have been drooling over it for years now but just can't afford it.

Kathy Weeks

Oh, I would love to audit your class! Thanks for the chance!!

Jenny Watkins

Happy New Year! Would love love love to win the auditing seat, as one of my New Year resolutions is to improve my photography. Thank you!

Tanya J.

I'd love the chance at a seat auditing your class - why not!?! Thanks Karen and happy new year.

Jessica Musil

This is awesome! Fingers crossed!


A few classes ago I had asked If I could make payments for your class, you were amazing and helpful but I still couldn't manage to afford it. Now so many months later we are atill in the same boat...oh how I would love to audit your class! Xoxo Katy

Valerie Bishop

Oh my! What an awesome awesome giveaway! Thank you so so much for the chance to win this! I'd love it!


I would love to audit the class! I wanted to,but couldn't afford it this time. Happy New Year!


I'd love a chance to take this class. It is on my bucket list... one of these days!!! (Unless I'm lucky in this drawing)


Would love love love to spend the beginning of the year with you!


Would love to win the spot in your workshop!

Jaimie Zimmerman

Please pick me! Pick me! I have been wishing I could take your class forever- it looks so inspiring! Here's hoping!!

Pamela Quan

Hi Karen! I would so love to win this auditing spot!


I would love to win this for a friend of mine who hasn't been able to afford to take the course.


Thanks for the opportunity to win this generous gift!

Maria Paris

Gosh I would love to get back into photography. Life has dealt me a few hard blows the last couple of years and it's just been hard to pick up the camera. Happy new year!


Would love to start off the new year in your class!


Would love the opportunity to gift this to a friend! Already have taken an auditing class once, and would love another one, but have a friend who could use it so much more than I! :)

Lianne Lisac

Hi Karen! Would love a spot in the class to learn to take better pics of my new baby girl!

Alesha bloom

I have wanted to take your class for a long time.


Happy New Year, Karen! Your class has been on my dream list for a few years.

Marina Mendes

I would Love to do it! You are such a GOOD teacher!

Laura Sundberg

Would love to do something for me this year
-- learning and practicing photography would be a great way to take time for myself. (Though, I might wind up taking only pics of my toddler and baby, so....not really time to myself :-) )


That would be nice!

Natalie Bradford

I would love the opportunity to audit your class. Thanks for the chance!


I would love to win a spot in the class! So cool that Ross and his roommates are taking the class too.

Thanks for the giveaway and Happy New Year!

Erin Mcguire

A friend of mine loved your course. I would love to win for me or my Mom!

Mary Jo

Karen Russell=photographer extraordinaire. This would be a fantastic opportunity!

Julie J.

Happy New Year! I have dreamed of taking your class for several years and just got my camera last year! I would love to win and learn how to take better photos!


Happy New Year to you and your Family! What a great giveaway, would love to win this! :)

Jane Swanson

Dream come true.
2013 was a bust. This would be a good start to 2014.

Stacie Paulson

I would love to win this for my daughter.


Yes! Yes! For a buddy to take the class with me. Thx!! Can't wait.


Happy 2014! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in one of your classes. I have been dying to take one.

Tara @ Unsophisticook

Family issues prevented me from really taking advantage of the class this past session. Would love another chance via audit!

Michele Thibodeau

Would love to audit your class!


Oh my gosh. I would be so thrilled to take your class!!


It would be a dream come true to win! Thanks so much for the chance.


I'd love to win a seat :)


I would love to win this!!

Liz Hartrich

Hi Karen, I would LOVE to audit your class!

Leigh Essig

Would be awesome!

Becky Tomlinson

I just got a new canon rebel T3I for Christmas and I would love to know how to use it to take better pictures and maybe even find a new hobby :)

Amber Crawford

I would love to audit your class, I have been eyeing it for years. I will take the plunge one day soon I hope!

Stephanne Smith

Winning this would be a dream come true! I've been saving up to audit the class and see where it takes me with my photography skills! Either way, I can't wait to participate in your class, be it this month or someday soon (I hope)!


After participating in your class,I can hardly wait for my daughter, Jana to get the chance, too. What a wonderful gift the auditing seat would be for her!!

Nancy Wyatt

This would be so awesome, and you don't even know why! Thanks for the chance! And hugs from Conroe, TX


I took the class in 2012 and it was the best investment I've made in photography! I would love to enter for my sister though, she has had an eye on the class for quite a while, but with a husband in school, the financial end never really worked out! Thanks for the opportunity.


I would love to learn how to take photos from you.


Wow- ok so 2 kids later, I'm ready to brush up on my photography skills again. It's on my 2014 resolution list amongst many other things like sleep.. Would love to audit the class and take my dusty photography workshop binder out of closet!


Happy New Year Karen - would love to win a seat in your class!!


Happy New Year! My new years resolution is to take more pictures 'with purpose' by using what I learn. Your class would be a great motivator. :)


Oh how I have longed to take your class, can't wait to win my spot!

Heather (in Scotland)

Thanks for the opportunity to win an auditing place in your class. :)

Tara Farstvedt

GO BEAVERS!!!! I met you in Bend years ago at a scrapbooking workshop and have been dreaming of taking your photography class. GO BEAVERS!!!

ellen patton

Happy New Year! And I'd love to win that spot...

Erin v

Sounds like a great class!
Erin V

Cathy Sullivant

I would love to win this for a teacher friend of mine who just got a new camera and is ready to learn more! I have already recommended your class to her. I have taken the class and audited it and learned so much!


Would love to win the spot in your class!

Chelie Nelson

Would love to win an auditing seat in your class.

Heather B.

Me! Me! Me! I'd love to start the year off with your class!!
Heather B.


I would love to win a spot. Gift or keep, yet to be determined!! Happy New Year Downs Family!!!

Marissa O'Brien

I would love to audit your class.


Oh man, this would be so awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to win! I would be overjoyed to learn from someone as talented as you!

Taylor Masterson

yes, Yes, YES!!! I would LOVE this!! :)


I would love to audit - I need a refresher to get me back to using something besides auto.

Cindy Daylong

Love this class - took it about 3 years ago - best thing I ever did.

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