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Shannon L

Oh MY...LOVE card games and this one looks like so much fun!!! Sharing with my sisters and parents so we can make sure we do this for camp! :)


Thanks Karen... I'm sure to become a professional A-hole player!

Stacey from Texas Panhandle

I can NOT wait to share this with my family! Awesome family memories!!


That's a lot of rules!
The gift bag on the head is hilarious!

Yvonne C

This is very similar to how we play the game too! I love the idea of switching seats. I am going to suggest that the next time our group gets together. We also use 2 decks of cards so everyone always has a handful of cards! I love your pictures too!


Oh how I wish I could just come over to your house to play the games and just hang out with your really cool family.


I love your family and want to come play A-hole with you all :) Thanks for the reminder of this game - my family needs to play it once in a while!


Love how the peep holes in the hat kept getting bigger and bigger with each wearer!! So funny!!!!


I first read the title of this post and had to sing it - My kids are big into Frozen right now, and there's a song in it called "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" So of course I had to sing "Do you wanna be an a-hole?" :-) Great post, can't wait to play it with my fam!


You lost me at 3's but I had a blast looking at the photos and laughing right along with you all!


Three things:
1. I am laughing with tears in my eyes from imagining the laughter you all shared in these pictures,
2. I can't believe Josh Downs is not wearing a Beavers piece of clothing in these pictures,
3. We call this game S-head in our family. Not sure which is better. :)

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