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Nicky from Okotoks

Such a beautiful girl!!


What a great, wonderful, beautiful girl!


Unique and stunning…Happy 2014 Courtney Lee!

sharon Peters

What a beautiful girl! Inside and Outside, if that makes sense. Have a great 2014!


What a beautiful girl - both inside and out! What a beautiful heart she has!

Holly Heinz

Courtney, thank you for sharing your amazing answers. You are the prettiest, and smartest eleven year old I know! (And I actually know many... ;)) P.S. I was a teacher for many years - it IS fun! God has richly blessed you; always stay close to Him. xxo


courtney lee, you are gorgeous and just awesome!

Tonia Grant

So beautiful! I have to get this of my baby and I see so many aweseome things with these photos from class! =)


I love seeing how Courtney Lee is growing and changing - she has a terrific personality. I have to keep the thermostats in my house/car on even numbers - who knew!


She still has the best eyebrows! Love Courtney Lee! :)


I love her answers! She's so adorable! I laughed at her "be a lover" quote.


she's always so photogenic!! What a beauty!


Love the joke... a lot!


She is one beautiful girl....and what a great perception she has on herself.....good job Karen! Both with raising a beautiful young lady, but for documenting her wonderful life.

Jennifer S

You are such a beautiful girl Courtney Lee, INSIDE and OUT :)

tara pollard pakosta

wow, she made me laugh. she made me cry.
she is amazing, I see why you love her so!

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