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Loved this post! If Courtney is looking for any GREAT books, start with the Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn. (Cole won't appreciate this series otherwise I'd recommend it for him ;) )

The books RJG writes for young girls are quality books...I sound silly right now, but they are awesome. :)


Okay, wait. Cole might like Frank Peretti books. The Cooper Kids series, and then he has adult books as well. If you haven't already read them!

Sandy Horton

Also, buy from Half Price Books. Before I went with ebooks I bought all my books here. I believe they are online as well.


!!!! I am glad this day came !!!

Rachelle S

Too Darn Cute! : ) Peyton loves the Percy Jackson series herself; I'm trying to convince her on Harry Potter so hopefully Cole's post will push her over the edge. Thanks Cole!


Love that the kid loves to read. As a book fan myself I have to recommend Travis Thrasher to him. He has a 4 book series that is totally awesome!


Awesome post! I so love a book reading boy! I'm curious Cole, when not collecting hardcovers do you spend any time at your local public library? I remember that great post of your mom's about library cards oh so long ago.


Thank you, Cole, for sharing your list. My son is about the same age as you and is always looking for new series.

He and I both are reading The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. These focus on Egyptian mythology and lore, and are a nice change from the Greek and Roman mythology of the Olympian/Olympus series.


Awesome!!! May I add a couple of recommendations that I loved at Cole's age and still do?! "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. "Rocket Boys" by Homer Hickam (It's the true story upon which the movie "October Sky" is based. It's such a cool story.


Good reads I think Cole might like: Cornelia Funke's Inkheart Trilogy & the Mortal Instruments series! Keep reading Cole, there is absolutely no better way to learn!!


I've never commented before but wanted to thank you, Cole, for the book recommendations. My son has some of your favorites on HIS favorites list. He is now looking forward to reading some of your suggestions that are new to him. He thinks you might like the Artemis Fowl series and maybe the Wings of Fire series but says it's a bit easy.


Good choices! Keep is the best and most exciting avocation ever. You can go anywhere...learn for your entire life, and your quest will always be waiting in your next read. Yea for YOU!


Thank you Cole! A few new ones added to my son's library card!!

Shannon L

Love that you read so much! I am a big reader and its yet to rub off on my kids..two girls and two boys..but they all love for me to read to them. I am reading the Percy Jackson series and you are right..anything Rick Riordan writes is amazing! :)Thanks for list..I'll try to get my boys interested in some of these!


Thank you! I've got a voracious reader who will appreciate your suggestions. I rarely see him without a book in his hands. he is hard to keep up with. Harry Potter is his all time favorite, and he loves Rick Riordan books too.


You have some great taste in books kiddo!


Love to hear that you are such a reader Cole. My older daughter doesn't like reading and it makes me sad. Plus it makes it harder to do your school work when you aren't very proficient. My younger daughter likes to read. I LOVE to read, it's a good addiction to have ;)


Cool!! My boys love some of those books too! I'll have to pass the other names along to them. Thanks, Cole!!! :)

Heather T.

Thanks, Cole... I'll pass this list onto my 11 year-old son!

Jennifer S

Great list Cole! My 12 yr old daughter loves most of these, she hasnt read the mythology books yet. Some things she loves: The Warrior Series, Hunger Games, and starting Divergent. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the list Cole. My 12 year old daughter Emma has read some of these books, I know but I will show her this list because she is always looking for recommendations!

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