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Shari Barnes

LOVE the questionaires. I am totally stealing the idea! Second, LOVE Cole's room. I think we need a post with some more images, unless I somehow missed it elsewhere. That wall paint color was in my son's room in our last house. We miss it. I LOVE the hammock!! My son would think that is the coolest thing ever.

Marsha Kern

I loved the question part!!! He is such a sweetie!


Cole! What a good looking kid! You've done a great job with these kids!

Sara M

I love how his answers are so short and Courtney's are so long. So typical of men and women. Guys say so little and girls like to talk. I love it!! It reminds me of the text messages between my brother and I. Mine are long and his are short 1-2 word answers. :)


Ahhh, the dashing Cole! So smart, sweet and fun! What a lucky mom you are!! Happy 2014 Cole-yyyy :0


Love these (his and CL's)!!


What a wonderful young man!


amazing photos- he's really growing up! what a great kid!

Amanda C

What a cutie!
love his room


you rock, coley!!


A book loving boy and oh, so gorgeous!




Such a gorgeous and amazing young man!

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