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That last photo....they're not tired or anything, are they? ;)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

these are so precious! talk about special memories! Annie wants another puppy? Cutie. How is Shindad doing? We haven't seen him in a while.


Please forgive me for being incredibly nosey, but as a long time reader I was just wondering what happened to the dog that Annie got when your husband was deployed?

Lovely photos!


Lovely photos! I only wish my Gabe would read like Cole! It's like pulling teeth with him!


Oh, that book reading boy gets my heart every time!


I just bought that trilogy for my daughter....I have dreams of one day marrying her off to your Cole. lol :)

Kelli Davis

So cute! I love how Cole loves to read :) What is he reading...I'm always looking for something for my reader.


Does Annie really want a rat?? LOL... That's all that stood out to me! :)


I love that last one of the kids yawning. I also read that book to my kids before they went to sleep. Lovely photos. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Kelli Williams

Lovely photos! We did not leave cookies out this year, or write the letter, but we did read twas' the night before. Sigh.


Now I want cookies, and someone to read me a bedtime to see what I can find! Great photos of even more special times.


Absolutely adore these shots! That pic of Coutney laying on the beautiful she is. And that last shot is perfection. Happy New Year!


So sweet…that last picture of Cole and Courtney both yawning is perfect.

Mary Jo

I love that you have "regular things" (traditions in my eyes) that you do on Christmas Eve.

Sue Tonga

Just lovely Karen.

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