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Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

These were all great Karen! All three kids are getting so big! LOVE that last photo of Annie! What a treat it is to watch your beautiful family grow.


All of these posts and pictures have been so fun!! You must be a very proud mom!! Kids grow up so fast and it will be fun to look back on these posts and remember their ages and stages :)


Adorable Amazing Annie! Happy 2014 to you!


I should make sure all my words are good too. I love the one of her on the stool with her legs crossed, she looks so grown up!

Shannon L

This is was so fun to read and see all of the kids photos. All of the kids are amazing and you guys are doing something incredibly right because they are amazing human beings!!! I want to do this with my kiddos. Thanks for sharing!!!


Um...when did this kid get so big? I too am trying to make sure all the words that come out of my mouth are good. Its harder than you think! Your kids are amazeballs.

Kathy C.

Love these posts! Can't believe she'll be eight next month!!! Time flies by too fast!!

Sherry G

WOW! Those are pretty deep thoughts from a 7 yea old. She's got a lot of insight for one so young.


It's so crazy to realize I've been following your blog since pre-baby Annie, and to see her now 7. She just keeps getting more beautiful! :)


What a great set of 3 posts...and even greater kiddos. Oh my! The time is passing. Hooray for you that you are recording it so beautifully.

Kirsten J

I've so enjoyed these. These are three special kids. What a clever idea! And Miss Annie, your hair is so long!


What a great series!! I love it! The pictures are amazing. And they have grown and changed so much since the HTWS!! Oh how I miss that place and everyone in it!! Thank you for all you do!!


She's getting soooo big! And I loved her answers! I can't believe she's 7!!!

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