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Love the BEAUTIFUL contrast in color... So wintry!

Jennifer S

absolutley GORGEOUS!! Glad they enjoyed it! We did not get any sun yet with our snow here on the east coast!


These are awesome! Can I just photoshop my family in there and use as my Christmas card?!! We are enjoying the snow here too, but we're about done with it and ready to go back to normal schedule!:)


Oh my goodness! The first photo took my breath away - and then they kept coming! Wow! Never seen such beautiful snow pictures!

Sherry G

Jealous that you've got snow. It's not something we get much of around here in Eastern NC. The photos are gorgeous so I plan to study the EXIF to see what settings you used (in case I ever get a chance to shoot some snow pics). Looking forward to the tree pics too.


Your snowy area looks 1000x better than my area. Gorgeousness... the snow and the photos. Jealous that Annie is out there without a jacket and just her snowpants. Here in WI, the temps hover around -25F +/-. There are wind chill advisories out saying to go out. Kids still have school though. You freeze your patootie off walking kids from the car to the school.


ooops... forgot the *not* in saying not to go out. LOL


OMG those snow pictures are simply STUNNING..............I love the blue sky backdrop as the kids stand out so much against it. The snow is so white..........amazing pics...we are at the beach on holidays at the moment so vastly different to what you guys are experiencing. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


absolutely gorgeous! I love the contrast of the blue blue sky and the white snow!


Love them! We haven't had much snow yet. But it's so cold!


Gorgeous shots...and oh your snow looks so different than our snow. GREAT post.

Anna from RI

BEAUTIFUL! Being in a neighborhood plat doesn't allow for pretty snow for very long… jealous. However, I'm not THAT jealous bc temps still in 30s and… NO snow, yippee! (Such a mom thought, huh?)


These pictures almost look like they are on a movie set..... I LOVE THEM ALL!


Love your snow shots!!! Beautiful!!!!

Jewels Price

STUNNING!!!! Beautifully STUNNING!

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