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Jewels Price

oh my gosh that is such a great reminder! Life, weather spelling hurtles or huge projects for work, or health or other issuers is just tough sometimes! It always reminds me of how in need I am of the one who brings wisdom, comfort, and strength beyond mine! I am praying that today for you all and for me! :)

P.S. I use the garlic droops the last two nights in my little girls ears! They work like a charm! I also try to take away processed sugars as soon as they start complaining about any ear pain. I will pray for the earache to go away quick!



And we learn what we teach! You are teaching her so many things that are unsaid,and just demonstrated....the joy that shines in your photography, and the expressions on faces.....and you "noticed" her expression and talked about it...gosh...what a wonderful moment filled mother you are!! Lucky and blessed.

Judy Webb

One of my favorite quotes: "I am still learning." Michelangelo. You have great wisdom....


This is why I love your blog so much. Always such great reminders about things. I really appreciate you sharing all of these little nuggets with us. All of these little tidbits helps me through different moments in my life as well. I hope Cole's ear infection is gone soon. I am pretty lucky. Only my oldest has had them. The other two haven't. I don't know how I have managed that one, but I am very glad that I have.


I have a perfectionist Annie, too. I will have to remember your words the next time she gets frustrated. Thank you for sharing! Love those garlic drops too!


I cry when I'm embarrassed and/or frustrated, often for things that wouldn't embarrass/frustrate most people. Someone once told me that I have a tender heart, which has always been a bit of a comfort to me. I think your Annie is probably tender-hearted, too. God bless her! (And I know he already has, because she clearly has a mama who notices, soothes, and encourages her!)

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

That's some good advice right there, and something I think we all need to be reminded of. (And, don't you just love it when God puts just the right words in your mouth? I live for those God-moments when I'm parenting!!) Hope Courtney Lee and Cole feel better soon!

Oh, and have you seen this yet? ;)

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