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Beautiful photos and I love all the stories behind the decorations and the one your grandmother made when Ross was in your belly and the one Ross made as a 4 year old. And of course Josh's beaver ball (so to speak). Beautiful pics. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


This is truly "merry and bright". Beautiful photos, and what great memories of each ornament. I love the stories that each ornament represents, and hope that my kids will remember our ornament stories in future years. And, this post really does represent...."snapshots of a good life", so your pens and the travel coffee mugs are just the perfect embellishments.


I love how bright and clear all your photos are... I wish that mine could look like this :)


These are so fun. The lighting in your house is so much better than mine. I love the pens in the tree and the stories and history behind your ornaments. I too have a bunch of homemade ornaments that Laura and I made when it was just she and I.


We don't have Christmas trees like that in the mid-west or east coast. I've been following your blog for 6 or 7 years and every year I fall more and more in love for whatever kind of tree that is. Can you tell me what kind of pine tree it is? Pretty please? I truly *need* to know!

Jennifer S

I agree, this year went way too fast! How did we get here again, already?!! Looks like a wonderful time...and my almost 12 yr old can NOT control her laughs whenever I said the words ball or balls while decrorating the tree. That was getting a little annoying :) Merry Christmas!


fun pictures Karen! Merry Christmas!!!


Looks like a great evening!! I cannot wait for my daughter to be a bit older so she can be more involved in this tradition. I do love the pen and mugs, such great branding and fun little reminders of all the great lives you've touched, and families you've blessed over the years. How?! By teaching us how to capture the everyday moments!! <3


that last one of annie layin on the floor is my FAVE

Kelli Williams

I love the dancing and decorating idea! And as always I love all the photos! And the fact that even though your ornaments aren't perfect you still put them up! I have been using my cup this week because, just as I was last Christmas, I'm sick and it makes me feel better to drink my ice water from a cup from you.


I was wondering... I assume you were decorating in the evening, but your pictures are all so bright. Are all your walls painted white? I'm learning to use my camera, and getting better and better, but find this time of year, when the sun is down at 4:30 a challenge. My walls are a darker taupe colour, so that doesn't help much either.
I'm beginning to dream of white walls...

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