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Jennifer S

beautiful, happy, wonderful, holiday....elbows and all. Love to all of you!!


Happy thanksgiving.

My grandmother passed away in February, and it still feels like nothing will be ok again. The struggles have been more than I thought I could handle. So much more than she ever expected would be asked of me when she appointed me her Executrix. But even beyond that, I just plain ol miss her everyday. And regret not enjoying her more and learning from her more.

These holidays will be hard. But I know she is with me.

And I know you are not alone, too. I am sure your Gram would be so proud of the work you do, the family you raise and the lessons you've learned and teach daily to so many in this world.


Beautiful photos and your house is looking remarkably beautiful I might add. You do have a way of capturing those big inside group lunches with style....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I always love how you capture connections. The expressions, the faces, capture the love and relationships of a family with tradition. A treat for your readers.


Karen, every single time I see pictures of your family get togethers I FEEL one thing; LOVE. What a wonderful family, friends, blessed life...thank you for always sharing. I know that if I lived by you I would seek you out because having good people in ones life is a priceless gift.


I love how your family gets together on a regular basis and always looks like they are having the time of their life, and the fact they let you photograph them without stopping to wave or say cheese! We are still struggling after my grandpa passed away, we went from a large celebration like yours to a small one with 7 people.

Shannon L

Love how you guys get together and just have an amazing time. I love how real you are about locking yourself in the bathroom because so many times, I feel like that during the holiday season. I think my expectations of having things go well are just unrealistic, especially with 4 kiddos. We celebrated what would have been my great grandpas' 101st birthday. He was an amazing man and left such a legacy. I miss him so much. I am fortunate enough to have my grandparents still alive. I love them so much and they have been such a huge part of my life. At 32, I don't want to lose them and yet know that I am so lucky to have them around still and in extremely good health. The oldest grandparent is 72! We lost my husbands' mom in February and it's been hard for my hubby. So really trying to love the ones that are here and honor those that have passed. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with all of us!


We call Sam Camo Jesus... I'll tell you about it at Christmas! So soon!!!!! love you! ~Roshelle

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