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I would have loved to have heard it...I bet she was a star....beautifully do such a fabulous job with difficult lighting situations. The bokeh....couldn't be prettier. Good luck on your next concert...can't wait for you to share. Thanks for the holiday spirit.


Love it - thanks for sharing. You didn't happened to record Courtney???? Would love to hear it.


Your photos of the kids in choir and music put mine to shame. Yours are absolutely gorgeous...esp. the one of Coley with the drums and Courtney playing the flute. I was just at my daughters concert (she plays the violin) and mine are awful. She was not in the front row, so every shot was blocked by a kid in front of her, and the few chances I did get were blocked by the people sitting in front of me. on earth did you do this??? Every one of mine is blurry or it looks like her neighbor's instrument is growing out of the side of her head, lol.

Your photos are absolutely inspirational. My favs are Halloween and now these.
tfs, Kim

Audrey V

Lovely bokeh! I remember reading once that I can access your camera settings on these photos, but I can't remember how to do it! I'd love to know your settings. Thanks to your class, my low-light concert photos are very nice, especially with a custom white balance, using the grey card. I use either my 28, 50 or 85mm lens with a very wide aperture. But I never get this lovely bokeh! Thanks for the inspiration.


Gorgeous and inspired photos of lovely children!
Christmas events are so fun - however, sometimes wish they were spread out to valentines and such!

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