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what a special day!


God is good. All the time. So glad you followed His leading and are helping to turn ashes into something beautiful!

Kathy R in NC :)


That is wonderful! You probably have no idea how many lives you have touched through the center (and more places) and I'm so glad this girl felt she could call you. Thank you for the work you do! You are awesome!

Laura C

And. GOD. Smiled. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you. :)

Kathy C.

awesome!!!!!! :)

Andrea D

I am going through some incredibly difficult family situations right now, and this story brightened my day.

In the very near future I am going to be a first-time mother through a domestic infant adoption, and the struggles of expectant mothers weigh heavily on my heart. I am praying for them so much these days. And whether they choose to parent or choose adoption, I just want to LOVE them. You are such an inspiration to me.


:)Loved reading this. You are such a shining example of what love, faith and a little hope can accomplish.
I hope you had a wonderful meeting. Praying for you both.


Karen Russell, you are an inspiration. I love that your heart is bigger than the whole world!


God bless you Karen. This makes my heart so very happy. You are a blessing!


you continue to be such an inspiration Karen--I'm in tears reading your blog--again! She is so lucky to have you in her life and so is her son!


WOW! You are such a blessing! God is Good! All the TIME!

julie j

So awesome. :)


God bless you for doing the work you do. I will keep this young woman and all the ones that come through your doors in my prayers. When you see her tell her that a lady in Ohio wishes her well. Blessings, Becky

Nicky from Okotoks

Oh another reason to count blessings - you for being there for her.
And her to share this bundle with joy!!!
Tears and hugs coming your way.


What joyous news at Christmas! They're both okay. Prayers for all of you!


wow! :) <3


I am sitting in a waiting room trying to control myself and not let the tears drop. Wow. New reader here and what a perfect easy to start off. God bless you and the little life you saved and the example you are to us all.

cindy b

This story totally warmed my heart and soul... THANK YOU for sharing!!

Jennifer S

You have the biggest heart, love you!!!

Kelli Williams

She's so lucky to have you in her corner!

Mary Ann Jenkins


Julie in Aust.

What a beautiful story Karen. I hope she does well and with you in her life I think she stands a good chance of 'making it'.
Well done...


So glad you made an impact on this girls life or gave her the courage because it would be so scary at 19 and I take my hat off to doing what you did. I hope you take some amazing photos of her baby and her for her because that gift would be an amazing gift for any new mum. I'm sure it will be a very emotional meeting for you both. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I can completely relate to your story with Ross and her situation. I was there, 25.5 yrs ago. I am glad she finally contacted you. She is so lucky to have such a wonderful person like you by her side.

Stephanie P

Our family has been facing some really hard news this past month and I've questioned my ability to 'feel' or grieve over it as I have not shed a tear. Then today, I read your blog and I find tears in my eyes (which has happened so many times before) at the prospect of you meeting up with this girl and her baby boy. I realized that I don't often cry over fear and grief. I cry for beauty and joy and compassion and things that really touch my heart and spirit. Thank you for that reminder! Enjoy every minute of today and this holiday season!

Mary Jo

This is SO beautiful Karen! It is evidence that God does not waste pain and suffering but uses it for good. He chose you because He knew you had experienced exactly what she was going through and that you made yourself available to this young girl. I totally cried while reading this post.

Lisa A

and this is why you do what you do! Loved reading this and can not wait to hear how meeting the little fella was! When you see her again, give her a hug from all of us! :)


so awesome.


Brought tears to my eyes to read this. My husband and I are church planters in our town and minister to similar people--our church even meets in the Crisis Pregnancy Center! I was really humbled by your experience that I need to be more open to ministering when God puts an opportunity in front of me.
What bravery to share your story and make yourself vulnerable so that she would be willing to hear what God was saying through you. God blessed your willingness to be used in such a HUGE way!


Thank you

aimee B

Im anxious to hear how it went! Please dont leave us waiting long.


Every time I read one of your stories from the Center I feel a lump in my throat and it's all I can do to keep it from surfacing (and most of the time I'm not successful and the tears come in). God bless you, Karen.


Love much as I love your photos...and your adorable kids....and really wish I was your student/friend/neighbor/sister...this blog post tops them all. Completely full of His goodness.


This is so awesome, I have the chills reading it! God answered some serious prayers during this Karen. You did an amazing job and so is she with her son!

Jewels Price

Thank you JESUS! WOW! What an amazing story! Thank you for being his Hands and Feet! I have chills and how precious this is! I am in awe of God's work and how you allow Him to use you! Thank you for being to her what only you could be at that time! God knew you were her angel from HIm! I pray the Lord will bless this sweet girl for keeping this precious life and that He will bless you for stepping out in faith and sharing your story to bring hope to her; to all! That is beautiful! Thanks Karen! You reflect these verses Proverbs 31:8 &20

Lori Todd

Hi Karen, I just signed up for the conference. This is my hometown so if you need anything I would love to help you. Let me know.

Shelly Shuey

beautiful -- love this

Sue Tonga

That's so amazing Karen. x


Does this organization work with an adoption agency or do they do them themselves (does that make sense?)? We are looking to adopt via open adoption and are always looking at different options. I will have to look into this center. Thanks for sharing your story.


My jaw dropped! PRAISE THE LORD!

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