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Juli P

I would LOVE to be in Salt Lake City at Click Away.... Hope that I can make it work.
I'd go just to see you!

Karen if you love The Sing-Off then you'll love this group that won season 3. I've linked you to their videos on you tube. My favorite right now is their version of Little Drummer Boy. Their albums are available on itunes.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


So so excited for the next making the shot! I love the funny things the kids say.

Penny Maggio

Oh my. I love that photo so much. Cole - he's so right! I have three younger brothers. Annie's reply - priceless!


Can't wait to see the next Making the Shot. I was just rereading the low light one the other day - need it for Christmas pictures! We also love the Sing Off - been fans since it started. You will need to hear Pentatonix - they won a couple of years ago. Have a wonderful Christmas!


I will be looking forward to that! That is my biggest issue….well, right now. ;)


I think you will be shocked at all of the familiar faces in the audience next September! ;-)


Oh my.....I would lOVE to do SLC....just for YOU.
A great post today..tugged at my heartstrings.....big time.
So so sorry that your R. will not be home for Christmas....big hugs!

Lacey Meyers

At Click Away, you'll be able to look right next to you and see one of your past students smiling at you since I'm on the lifestyle panel with you! :) And then we can visit about how much we love the Sing Off!

Shannon L

So sorry Ross can't make it! :( Love Annie's randomness! Cole is a sweetie and must be missing his big brother big time. I can't imagine my kids being apart for very long. They cry when they are away from each other for more than a day. I'm a "FAVORITE" girl too. I just like to broaden my horizons so when I'm learning about something new or I see talent I wish I have, it becomes a favorite! :) Tell Josh there is nothing wrong with that! :)


Love the old photo on the iphone...I recently did the same thing as I was looking through old photos and sent my neice a photo of her when she was about 3 with a little frilly dress, a doll in her hand etc. and she's 22 now.......and my sister as a bridesmaid to her best friend 20 years ago...(just imagine the hair styles and dresses) and that will make you laugh. She immediately sent it onto her friend by text (the bride) and she had a good laugh too. I laughed about Coley saying he wants to enjoy Annie now and also Annie's descriptive funny. Looking forward to making the shot I WILL BE BUYING IT. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Stacey from Texas Panhandle

Love the photo and I love the Quote! It's my new favorite!!!


We've had our tree for 10 days and it is still undecorated...

cindy b

1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS about the next Making the Shot!!
2. Man I wish I was near that conference to hear you talk.
3. LOVE the photo
4. LOVE the quote about photos
5. LOVE your blog

Kelli Williams

Oh that Cole!


Love love love the sing off...and here is a great Christmas song from prior contestants that is fantastic.

Hope I can get to SLC...sounds amazing.


so far there are something like EIGHTEEN of us going to ClickAway!! (check your email, we need to chat) ;) Yay!


I can't wait for the next Making the Shot!! And even more I can't wait to see you at ClickAway! I'm so excited for the conference - to attend your sessions - to meet you!!


I will be at ClickAway (and I'm already signed up for your Mental Toolbox class. Woot! Sadly, I didn't find you until later in my photography journey and have not been in your class, but I am still a huge fan and have been reading your blog for years!


I'm coming to ClickAway and am so excited to finally meet you! I am signed up for your Mental Toolbox class too! Can't wait! :)

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