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I love the show for it's reflective qualities. And that's it. We still only have a dusting, every few days, but it's supposed to snow this week.


I always love your annual tree hunting pics!:)

Deanna Misner

Absolutely gorgeous shots this year! LOVE that y'all went in the snow! I'm jealous of your snow, and the beautiful lighting. What a great family tradition!


Oh Karen, you have the best snow pics!!! I love how everything looks like it has been flocked. It is so darn cold here. We don't get the pretty look that you have there. Plus, I think my camera would revolt about having to work in -20F something temps (not to mention it is hard to work the camera with thick mittens. LOL) This is such a great tradition!!


I look forward to this post every year - and every year the photos get better and better! What a beautiful place and fun time.

janel just can't get any better. I always LOVE your photos, but this series takes my breath away..SO much goodness, family relationships, being in Nature, sharing chocolate, and so many laughs....BEST, BEST, BESTEST! You make my days MERRY!

Anna from RI

I'm another jealous one of "your" snow. So pretty! And… nice landscape pic w sun flare. Reminds me of us in the hot grassy field of vineyard and the gorgeous shot Coral took… Hugs!


OH MY WORD...the pictures are just fabulous! As always, I am incredibly jealous of your ability with the camera! Thanks for sharing.

Nicky from Okotoks

Looks like the perfect day!!!

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