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Love that you pushed yourselves outside your comfort zone and experimented! Will have to try this out :) As always your images rock!


Hands down my favorite is #1. Love the dramatic feel yet it is just the sweetest...and the lines, beautiful. Thank you for always putting exif information on each photo...I really enjoy looking at that...helps me think about how you were shooting. What a lovely group of photos, reflecting a couple of lovely lovely young ladies. Thank you.


I love your little one hour challenge. I love the rim lighting the best but all of them is great. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I commented from my phone and then some gremlin ate it.

It was something like...
I love that you challenged your selves in different settings. I need to do that.


What a fun challenge you guys created. You certainly chased the light and captured some beautiful images. But that first one? WOW!!!


This was so totally awesome! Thanks for your comments on the lighting situations.

Penny Maggio

Love this challenge. Must find me a couple of willing models and have a go at it.

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