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Happy Thanksgiving Karen & Fam! You know I love your blog! Glad you haven't gotten tired of sharing your life with us! And I LOVED the Dutch Bros. episode! Made me proud to be an Oregonian and I can't bring myself to delete it from my dvr, loved it!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Happy Thanksgiving and wow! to all those years of blogging - how cute were those kiddos!

Amy Mills

You might consider an aksimet plug-in that costs about $5 per month. I have a new blog and it puts over 200 spam comments into a spam folder with each post. Well worth the $$! Long-time reader, first-time commenter. I love your photography and the snippets you share from your real life! I'm a single mom, too, and you give me hope!

Rachelle S

woooow! that video was an eye-opener! crazy! Happy Blog-versary and Happy Thanksgiving to your wonderful family (Hi Diane!!)

mandy friend

every single night i mean to watch that episode! I actually was great friends with Abe { now owns the oregon city one?}, who was featured in the episode, back when we were young. and that movie? haven't seen it yet but my aunt who is a film critic in housten told me last week that she thoguth of me the whole tiem she watched it, so i'm guessing i'll love it. have a good thanksgiving!


i can't even remember how i found your blog, but when i did i was immediately a fan! i have since taken one of your workshops & still continue enjoying coming to this space to see your photos & read your stories!

i too didn't know if i wanted to see "about time". it seemed kinda dull from the previews, but i loved it!! left with a big smile on my face :)


Recipe sounds delish! Does the big T in the oatmeal recipe stand for tablespoon or teaspoon?!


What adorable little pilgrims! Happy Thanksgiving!


I recently saw About Time too...and after a handful of time travel movies that I thought were pretty awful (the love letter, teh lake house, the time traveller's wife...) I was a little nervous. but I totally agree. Life changing message. I think I may just make a quote canvas out of the things he says towards the very end.


Oh how your photos made me smile..and we laughed at our Thanksgiving table talking about how I always made both of the kids make and wear pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving...and how much we enjoyed it, so seeing the kids in those hats, took me down memory lane.
I hope this week is relaxing and enjoyable.


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