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I love the desk to the left of your fridge. We have one that looks very similar!


I'm dying of curiosity. Could you PLEASE post pics of your kitchen, it's just so cute, I want to see every little detail. In your spare time. ;)


I had a huge smile on my face as I looked at these photos! What funny kids you have! And if you think you aren't doing this parenting thing right, um, your kids are baking cookies to raise money for other kids, not so they can eat cookies while surfing the internet!
I love Courtney Lee's dress! And what are Granny's nuggets?

Sam F

Beautiful girls! Love the braids and headband look that Courtney Lee is sporting--so pretty! Sometimes dressing up makes all the difference!--looks like a fun time.

Rachelle S

So cute! : ) Love the aprons over dresses~ because why Shouldn't they be stylin' to bake cookies!


Very cute, very stephford wives. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


oh karen-your still my favorite as I sit and eat right out of the tub of ice cream-glad to hear you have those days too :)


love that Courtney Lee is wearing pearls to bake!! the girls remind me of June Cleaver--but much more adorable


I love these pictures so much! And your kitchen is down right swoony. On my list of things to do today is bake peanut butter cookies. Thanks to you I have to go do it right now!

Andrea :)

Oh, this brings back memories of the kitchen at Hana House... I see so many of the beautiful things you brought to make that house feel like a cozy home. Hugs to you! :)


You seriously need to do a house tour! I love your kitchen! Out of curiosity I was wondering what the 4 envelopes on your fridge are for? Also, is that a tile backsplash behind those coffee mugs hanging under your cabinets? I love all the little details and you have a way of making them shine in your photographs!


They are just so sweet, those girls. And I love seeing all the vintage items in your kitchen - it so reminds me of the kitchen at the Hannah House that was decorated with all your beautiful finds. Good memories!

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