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This is great
Love your Sunday ritual.
and You gotta share the bacon chart with us!


Your family just makes me happy...and makes me smile....and fills my day with such nice thoughts and hopes for the generation to come.


love the pictures but REALLY LOVE your new Sunday ritual!!


Ooooh! I love the music and drinks on Sunday evening idea. I wish we had a grocery delivery service. I think I would be willing to sacrifice something significant to be able to afford it! :)


Loving your everyday life photos... Untangling those beads require a lot of patience.... Don't say Josh Downs never does anything for you..OMG that would drive me nuts. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Love it!
Cole can move to Canada and eat bacon all the time!


Armor All for Barbie hair... It works.

Calico Jack


Penny Maggio

Cute! Cute! Cute! Courtney - she's growing into a beautiful young lady (inside and out). Cole...a bacon flowchart...that's a boy after my own heart I tell ya! And Yans...she is so, so sweet. And what kind of husband meticulously detangles a bunch of beautiful vintage beads for the wife and daughter...I love!! Great post.


bacon flow chart? my kid just made a periodic table of meats. BOYS. ;)


Total loveliness!!


I love your Sunday night awesome!!!


Amy Nicol

A flow chart for bacon is brilliant! Especially when you adore all things bacon! Way to go, Cole! Love this post to the moon and back!

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