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My daughter has been having very similar symptoms, only with low grade fever and fatigue. They diagnosed her with mono! Hope Annie feels better soon!


It looks like you have made the best of it....a mini photo shoot, and Yans happy as a clam surrounded by her mommy's love, and comfy in her cozy bedroom. Hope it is just a little "bug" that has gone away. May your week before Thanksgiving be filled with all blessings.

And I want to say thank you for your blog....I am so grateful that your talent, your family, your stories, your classes, have been part of my daily routine. You and your family, I am truly grateful.


Kids and colds---they do funny things!

What are the family photos in her room? Are they framed prints or canvases? Love them!

Rachelle S

so sweet! love the photos! : ) Peyton stayed home with a head cold last week as well; and has gone back and forth feeling fine/ feeling puny. HOpefully they both feel 100% soon!

Julie Pilch

I love the photos, I hope Annie feels better soon. My 7 year old has had a stinking cold all week and has been a bit off colour, it must be the season for it. Hopefully Annie will be all better for Thanksgiving.


Love the dress with all the hearts on it................hope she is feeling better soon...with these things sometimes even though they are well enough to play at home with toys going to school and concentrating can be exhausting if they aren't 100%. Sienna is the same, she loves going to school and hates staying home sick. Beautiful photos and the last one.....OMG beautiful. I might just have to take one of those of Sienna shortly.....xx00x00 Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Does she have allergies? Perhaps there is something she's allergic to in the school and when removed her symptoms improve?

Beautiful photos too!

Kelli Williams

I hope she's feeling better and no one else gets it!


Beautiful shots...hope she is feeling better...Mady does the same thing...Where she will feel crummy and a few hours later is doing great...I think it's just the age!!!



Are the pictures on her wall mounted on anything or are they just the thin canvasses???


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