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Kelli Williams

That's a long drive. Next time, keep going north!

Julie Pilch

Well done you for doing such a long drive yourself. I think my three would drive me so crazy I would have turned back! Love the pictures as usual Karen. When are you going to come back to the UK?!


Okay so where is your fav frozen yogurt place?!! New car? Congrats! I sure wish my son would love to read like Cole!


What is with the naked Barbies? I have 7 and 5 yo girls and my house is littered with them. Also a naked Flynn Rider with brown underpants painted on. Why oh why?? (LOVE the pics as always- Cole's reaction was priceless). But for the love, why?!


What a sweet and loving reaction for Cole to be so excited to see his older brother! Gotta love it! I'm sure you had a wonderful trip! :)


I feel so many emotions going through your photos. I felt like I was with you. Just loved every shot. Gosh, oh gee, those low lights shots are just the are amazing, as a mother, photog., navigator, friend, and mentor. What a wonderful birthday weekend post. Have loved sharing it with you.

Anna from RI

Way cool, Karen! And the low light shooting... how appropriate with the forum going on ;) Hey a big step for me... I took DSLR to take pics of my son and classmates collecting Stop & Shop card numbers at a Stop & Shop for their school fundraiser. Now if I had been brave enough to take it out on date w hubby later that night...

Happy 1-3 Cole! Looks like it was SPECIAL...

becky dunnell

Glad there are some pictures of YOU in there! And I wish your kids could show some personality! ;) So cute!


WOW...Coley is 13..Looks like an amazing time..road trips are the best..I hope to take my kids on more road trips once my baby gets potty trained..we are working on it..:) Hope you guys had a blast!

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