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Oh my how I adore all of your pumpkin patch photos. In fact...all your Halloween photos.... your low light ones are stellar too. I yearn for the pumpkin patch days with my kiddos...absolute goodness! I have a feeling that Josh still loves the patch too...what a great family day for you all. Thanks for taking me down memory lane, and for linking your memory lane for us too. I am betting they never outgrow their love for the pumpkin patch!

Sandra Klary

Awesome pics as always :)
Returning posts like this one make me realize how long I've been following your blog already ;) I mean, when did your kids get so big?! Yans used to be such a cute little one and's flying.. And I love watching your family's life over the years, it's almost like I really know you all *lol* So what's the point of this comment? I guess, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your daily life in words and pics with us international crowd ;)
xoxo Sandra


My kids are way older and we had to take them to the patch last year. Complete with the hay ride, corn maze, and buying the most expensive pumpkins ever. I kind of hope they always want to go.


Everything looks so green there! The corn stalks here have long since lost their green and are now a dried up shade of brown/beige. lol


Love the photos (of course) your babies are growing up so fast.....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Lora Ernest

Karen, awesome pics! My oldest son turned 18 in September and still loves to go to the pumpkin patch. We went last weekend and he was the first one off the hayride to go find the perfect pumpkin. He and his dad compete to see who gets the biggest pumpkin. (our rule is that it doesn't matter how big the pumpkin is but YOU have to be able to carry it yourself) I so enjoy standing back and watching.

Lora Ernest

Anita Guthrie

Oh my gosh i just can't get over how all the kids are growing up so fast!!! Cole looks all of 13 and Annie is so tall and Courtney Lee is growing into a beautiful young woman!


Great pictures and memories. The one pic looks like Annie is pushing the cart and that you found some really different striped pumpkins!

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