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AND your photos are STILL better than mine! quitting my KR obsession as of today! :))) yeah. right. Still enjoying my GoodBean Jacksonville coffee every morning!


So your friends at Totally Rad have an iPhone app that's amaze-fest. PicTapGo... check it out. But be sure to take the picture with your phone camera, then open it in the app (rather than use the app camera)... from my experience. Happy Wednesday!


I prefer my big camera too. I took Ben to the park today after school and didn't have my big camera with me. Sun was out and a pretty fall day. Ran the two miles home to get my DSLR and went back to the park, it clouded up. Wouldn't that be my luck.


You sure can rock that iphone!! Ditto on the PicTapGo. Some other cool camera apps are Snapseed, Awesome Camera by Smugmug, and Hipstamatic! There's even a photoshop app! 📷


I once heard a photographer say something about being offended when compliments on his work are followed by "you must have a great camera". He said its like complimenting a chef and saying he must have a great oven. I think your pictures today prove his point. Your talent is in how you see things with your eyes - you capture that vision with a lens. Awesome camera or camera phone, your vision shines through.

Carrie B

Now aren't you glad you had your phone with you??? Even though the quality is not top notch Annie will remember that day forever now!!!

Sara M

You captured an afternoon with your baby. That is all that matters. :)


Your pics are still better than mine! iphone pics are so distorted most of the time!!


Love them!

Michelle B

I feel like I take more everyday pictures with my iphone vs. my dslr. Need to get back to shooting more with the big guns. As always thanks for your inspiration. I enjoy all the pictures you post on your blog thank you for sharing with us - i know you have inspired me to become a better photographer!

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