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Mary Jo

I so love your photos!

Kelli Williams

She has such great facial expressions!

Erin in IA

Awesome. Thanks for doing this! You have me fully convinced to pull my camera back out of it's bag and bring it with me more often. I have been relying on my crappy phone camera.


would love to know how you carry around your dslr. Mine sits at home and the iphone gets all the action.

Anna from RI

Yes, please tell me I NEED to replace all my Coach bags (I have 4, one for each season...) to bigger ones so I can carry around my DSLR everywhere I go...


I couldn't agree with you more. I just got an iPhone in June... a little late to join that bandwagon. I still much prefer my Nikon. I just love your photos!!!! Little Annie is so darn cute and so expressive. :)

jen r.

yes, would love for you to answer Kelly's question! how do you carry that thing around just for everyday? love the pictures, as always!


She is such a doll!!!

Oh and ps....that is my most favoriteIST ;) pen in the whole wide world!!!! Wish I had millions of them! I have caught several clients "accidentally " sticking them in purses!
"Nah uh give it back!!"

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