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Danielle Fraser

So glad you're okay. We have an old house too - time to replace the carbon monoxide detector!


Oh my gosh, so glad you took action and that everyone is okay!

Had to laugh at "I don't want to be known around Central Point, Oregon as the girl who cried, "Fertilizer!")



Crazy! Giving thanks that you guys are okay!


Oh my gosh! So glad you all are okay.

Jennifer S

Oh MY!!! SO so thankful everthing turned out OK!!!!


Wow, Karen -- I am glad you and Courtney Lee are OK.


Whoa, Nellie!!! That's scary!!!! And Thank You, Jesus, everyone is okay--even your house!!!! :)


Oh, Karen, that is much too close for comfort! I'm so thankful that you & Courtney Lee are okay, as well as the rest of the family.


So so happy you trusted your gut and called for help! Scary stuff and I am so happy you are both ok. Hugs

Robyn :)

I have a detector. And fancy fire detectors, too. Not just a smoke alarm. They sense heat also and are synced so when one goes off they all do :)

Glad you are all okay!!

mandy friend

oh my gosh! Thank you Jesus that your hand was over this home! So glad it happened as it did and that you are okay. Everyday is a blessing!


What a close call. Thank goodness you are all okay. Gas poisoning is one of my irrational fears. We have detectors but I'm still paranoid they won't function correctly. So glad that you got out and listened to your inner voice.

Nicky from Okotoks

Counting blessings for all of you!! For many reasons


I am so glad you guys are okay.


So glad that you all are OK and that, yes, this didn't happen during the night! God IS good!!

Kathy R in NC

Just sent up a prayer to thank Him that you and Courtney are OK.


So thankful you all are ok! I'm getting the detectors ASAP!


I'm so glad you are all okay. Scary!!

Nancy B.

I'm thanking God also! And I laughed out loud at the girl who cried "Fertilizer!" Hilarious you are. And a really good excuse for being dizzy for once.

Andrea :)

How scary! So glad that you are all ok! Big hugs! :)


Oh my goodness Karen! So happy that you and Courtney are safe xxx

Paula S.

That is scary!!! This reminds me how much I hate "nice girl" training. Girls are so often taught to care more about not inconveniencing others than taking care of their own needs. I am probably a bit older than you and I still fall for this "be a nice girl" stuff. I may even be unknowingly teaching my daughter the same thing. :( Thank God you trusted your gut and risked the embarrassment of being wrong. Thank God you and your family are okay!!!


So, so, so glad that everyone is okay. Good for you for getting out of there!! (((hugs)))


My mom died in a freak carbon monoxide leak in her home. My heart began racing reading your post. You posting this WILL SAVE LIVES. My parents' accident was on the front page of the paper and every local home depot and menards immediately ran out of CO2 detectors. I am so grateful you had the warning of that smell to alert you to leave the house. Thank you for posting because I am 100% you saved lives with this post.


Scary! I am so glad it was while you were awake, and everyone is OK!

Kathy C

THANK YOU for posting this!!!!!! We just installed one on each level two weeks's now required in ALL homes and we just put ours on the market...we also were told to replace our 15 year old smoke alarms! So glad you guys are OK and that you are sharing your story with all of us to help spread the word!!!

Edith (Netherlands)

So glad you are okay!! Like Kristi, my heart began racing when I read your post. Thanks to my husband, we have smoke + CO2 detectors on every level in our house.


Karen, I'm so thankful you are all okay.


SO happy that you called 911 and that you realized the problem before it was too late.....SO SO thankful....and thankful for your advice....we do have smoke and CO2 on every level of our house. A good Christmas present for family and friends.


Thank God you are ok!!! Thanks for sharing. I just checked and we do have one. Hope you are doing better.

Rachelle S

I literally have goose bumps on my arms after reading this ~ how super scary for you. Glad it ended well and Ya! for CO detectors. We don't have any, and our house is only 9 years old, but I WILL be buying one because of this. Hugs all around ( and I hope Courtney is feeling better!!! Peyton is anxiously (or impatiently I should say) awaiting her next letter : )

Kathy Travis

So glad to hear that you're ok. God was definitely watching out for you that day.

And for everyone who is giving a sigh of relief that they own carbon monoxide detectors - please know that they only are considered reliable for about 7 years. We discovered that when ours started going crazy one night and we had to call the fire department. Luckily for us, they failed without CO2 present. It could have been much worse. So if you don't own one, please get one. And if you do own one, check out the serial number on the back, and find out the manufacture date on the company website.


Oh goodness! I am so glad you realized what could be happening and got out!
We got detectors when we bought the house, and have had it go off. Fondues give off gas and set them off.


Wow this is so scary!! We actually had the exact same thing happen in our old house! The furnace caught on fire in the middle of the night while all if us were sleeping. We were awaken by the sounds of the alarms going off, and frantically running through the house to gather the children. We had just received the Carbom Monoxide detectors as a Christmas gift and we credit them for saving our lives!
So glad all of you are ok!!


OMG is that your furnace! Thank God you are all ok. I have one carbon monoxide detector pretty close to the furnace do I need more?

Karen P.

Thankful to hear that you are alright! Quite a scare.

Anita Guthrie

Wow...what a scary thing and sooo very glad you all are ok and it turned out the way it did! Will definitely be looking at getting some detectors! And yay for going with your gut!

Nancy Wyatt

So glad you guys are ok and thanks for the heads up! Hugs from Conroe, TX


Good things happen to good people, which is why it happened during the day and you were able to get out! so glad you are OK!


Thanks for the heads up. So glad that you are all ok. Love that even when dizzy you still remember to snap a few:)

Cate O'Malley

Totally had goosebumps reading this, thank goodness everyone is ok. Excellent reminder to go check those batteries now.

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

So scary!! I'm thankful you guys were okay and that it happened when you were awake to realize something was wrong! (And, I would also totally be apologizing for making them come out and thinking that I was being silly. Glad I'm not the only one! LOL)


Glad you guys are okay and it happened during the day and not the night time. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Jennifer Rutz

Karen - I am so happy that you and your family were not injured. This is so scary. Thank you for sharing your story.

Kendra Heffelfinger

Thank you for sharing your story and documenting it so well. I am also positive you saved lives posting this.

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