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Good idea!


Love, love, love this chore idea! The goods to make it work are Adorable. Thank you!

Heather T.

That is amazing. Thank you SO much for sharing... I definitely need to try this!

Victoria Hassink

Did I miss the "Love" magnet at the bottom with the clip? Wonderful idea...we have been trying to come up with a way to make the chores happen without the nagging. This might be just the thing, thanks!


Simply amazing! Love it!


I love this idea! We have been "developing" a system that works for quite a long time with no avail. Can I ask which "expenses" you shifted to the kids once they got an allowance?

Kelli Williams

Love the buttons! I hope this idea works for you!


This is an awesome idea on getting chores done and learning about responsibility with money! Love it!

Juli P

I love this idea.....just not sure about $12 a week....that's a lot of money for little people in my house.

Mary Jo

This is a great idea! I love the idea of no work/no pay. What a huge lesson for kids to learn.


Definitely love this idea! It would get pretty expensive in Canada though since our smallest bill is $5. Lol Would have to come up with a holder for our $1 and $2 coins. :)

I sure hope it works for you! :)


I love the idea and I, like you at the moment, seem to be saying the same thing over and over again. James is right into cards and magic at the moment so instead of getting the chickens feed he is playing with his cards in the morning before school which is driving me insane. Then I ask him to make his bed and I go in his room to check and he is playing cards (AAAHHHH) Yes we have all experienced that. I took have it on my list of things to do is the "list" for both James and Sienna. They don't get pocket money as such because I personally expect them to make their bed, pack their school bags in the morning, unpack them in the afternoon, set the table etc. and clear it after dinner as being part of a family. I don't want them to do a job and expect to get paid for it. However in saying that I understand kids get pocket money and it's not given "free" to them and they have to pull their weight as well. In the end it all achieves the same thing.

I love your idea of the visual money because they can see it, touch it and realize when (i) they earn it and (ii) when they miss out on it going back into your wallet instead of their money box. I also agree that it's their responsibility to monitor themselves and if they forget and lose their money.... that is the lesson, all the time keeping your relationship with them in tact (because of no repeated arguments and reminders that they still haven't done any chores).

In Australia we have coins for $1 and $2 so our first paper note is a $5 which would be way too much every day of course. Like you and most mothers we have to come up with new and/or borrowed ideas to motivate the kids themselves to take ownership rather than us on their backs reminding them because as you say everyone is unhappy then. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Wonder if this would work for husbands as well? LOL! My son is only 20 months old, so no chores for him just yet, but I'll definitely keep this in mind for later years.

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